"NodakPaul" wrote:
"marstc09" wrote:
I agree with all of this except Vikings OL against Detroits DL. I think Atlantas DL is better than Detroits and we did not give up a sack.
Atlanta's DL looks better on paper, but I am not sold on them.
And White had an amazing day for Detroit.
Granted, he was going up against Oakland's OL, but still... After a game like that he is going to be pumped up in his first home game.

Atlanta does have a good defensive line, for the first half of games that is. They are good but small, we wore them down and it showed in the second half...

But then again, we have a very good O line, and it was nice to see our right side of the O Line hold their own.
And I believe they will only get better...

But back to the post,
nice job,
but I also think if anything, our O line is better than Detroits D line........It will show this game, when AD runs it down their throats all day.....