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    My breakdowns for the Detroit Game

    Disclaimer: I am not a football expert.
    I am a fan.
    Feel free to ridicule and pick apart this post as you see fit...

    Keeping with tradition from last week(since it was so well received on the Atlanta boards
    :P), here is my breakdown for the Detroit game.
    I don't think this win will come as easily as last weeks.
    Unlike Atlanta, Detroit has an offense that can be scary at times.
    Luckily their defense is scary all the time (to them).
    It comes down to our good D against their good O, and our OK O against their crappy D.
    This will be a close game.

    Viking's rushing attack against Detroit's rushing D
    Edge: Vikings
    Oakland's Lamont Jordon was more or less shut down against Detroit.
    He finished with 70 yards on 15 carries, but over half of those yards came off from 4 carries, one of which was against a prevent defense.
    But I think that speaks more to Oakland's crappy OL than Detroit's run stop ability.
    In the second half, Oakland came out running, and picked up 25 yards on three back to back carries, so it is definately possible to run the call against Detroit.
    Oakland was playing from behind all game, so they eventually abandoned the running game, other wise I think we would have seen bigger numbers for Jordon.
    The left side of our line should be able to overpower Cody and Edwards, and AP will have another big day.

    Viking's passing attack against Detroit's passing D
    Edge: Vikings
    It is pretty rare that I will give us the edge in this category, at least this early in the season.
    But Detroit's secondary is god awful.
    McCown was able to go 30 of 40 for 313 yards against them for crying out loud.
    Curry had a great day receiving against Detroit, and Jordon looked good catching out the the backfield.
    Oakland was also able to generate quite a bit of YAC off from the short pass.
    I think this looks good for our passing attack, which will again be composed of short passes and flat passes.
    We should also be able to get Rice and TWill open against the Detroit secondary a few times, so that could take some of the pressure off from our run game.

    Viking's OL against Detroit's DL
    Edge: Detroit
    Detroit's LE White had a career day against Oakland.
    6 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 INT, and 2 forced fumbles.
    The guy was on fire.
    He will be lining up against our right side, which has looked better but is still suspect.
    On the other side of the line their RE Edwards recorded two sacks of his own.
    He will have more trouble against our left side, but is quick enough to get around McKinney if he gets the jumps.
    TJack needs to be aware, and make good decisions when pressured inside the pocket.

    Detroit's rushing attack against Viking's rushing D
    Edge: Vikings
    Tatum Bell had an OK day for Detroit - 15 carries for 87 yards.
    But he was running against the worst rushing D in the league with Oakland.
    He should have had twice that.
    And, when you consider that 24 of those yards came off from just one run, it shows that he wasn't on his game.
    I don't expect Detroit to attempt the run against us more than a dozen times on Sunday.
    They stand a much better chance through the air, so why bother.

    Detroit's passing attack against Vikings pass D
    Edge: Detroit
    Kitna passed all day long against Oakland, which had the #1 passing defense a year ago.
    Look for him to pass a lot against us on Sunday too, since their running game will go nowhere.
    Originally my biggest concern was Griffin, who will be lining up against Furrey and CJ all day.
    But when I watched the game, I was surprised to see that Kitna favors a short passing game, with 5 or 6 deep balls thrown in to keep the D honest.
    Out of the 36 passing attempts he made against Oakland, 28 were short passes.
    The good news is that Kitna made two bad mistakes when he was under pressure, both of which turned into interceptions.
    Each time, the defense took away the short passing routes, and Kitna threw into traffic.
    If we can get pressure on Kitna like we did on Harrington, we will shut their air attack down.
    We will also need to rely on our offense to control the time of possession. The less time the Detroit offense spends on the field, the better.

    Detroit's OL against Viking's DL
    Edge: Vikings
    Oakland couldn't get much pressure on Kitna, but when they did he panicked.
    Our DL is leagues ahead of Oakland's, and given Detroit's predisposition to throwing the ball, I expect to see Robison (my new favorite player) in a lot more as a situational pass rusher.
    The key to Sunday's game lies in our ability to get to Kitna.
    I can't stress this enough, because with his receiving weapons, he will put up big numbers if we give him any time.
    Luckily, I don't think their OL can stop us, especially when we keep rotating fresh legs in an out of our defensive front.

    Special Teams
    Edge: Draw
    Hanson went 3 for 3.
    Longwell went 1 for 1.
    Average punt return/kick return was about the same for both teams.
    I am happy to say that our special teams looked a lot better on Sunday than they did in preseason.

    Edge: Draw
    We are playing at Ford Field, but that is a lot better place to play than Lambeau, where TJ got his first start.
    The Detroit fans, if they even sell out the game, are not known for being loud, and if Detroit goes down they can get downright quiet.
    Anyone know when the Detroit fans are planning their annual "Fire Millen Walkout"?
    The biggest intangible here is the underestimation of either team.
    Both teams are coming off from big wins against less than stellar opponents.
    If either team expects week 2 to be as easy as week 1, then they are in for a surprise.

    Prediction: Like it or not, this will be a close game that will cause blood pressure to rise in both cities.
    In the end, the Vikes will pull it out, 27-21 in OT.
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: My breakdowns for the Detroit Game

    loved the post agreed with a lot of it...

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    Re: My breakdowns for the Detroit Game

    Good analagy Nodak, division games are always tough. We must sustain long drives and keep the ball away from them. We also must cap our drives with scores early, and force them into being more aggressive, and out of their quick pass game. If we don't give any cheap scores up, and get after Kitna, we'll be alright. I see 6+ sacks and a Viking win 24-17. I also see Tarvaris getting a deep ball to T-Will against Detroit's suspect pass defense.

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    Re: My breakdowns for the Detroit Game

    Liked everything except our o-line against their dline.

    I think cook can hold hid own.Hr lines up against both abraham and anderson last game and didnt let up a single sack.I think there was an almost sack where tj blindly threw the ball out of bounds.But the O-line impressed me yesterday.No sacks 139 yards rushing.Lets improve those stats against against the lions

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    Re: My breakdowns for the Detroit Game

    Nice read Nodak.The Lions game will be very different than the Falcs one.Our Cb will have extra job.Their main weapon play against one of our weakness and thats a problem.On the other side our Off will develop longer drives,I expect playing deeper than yesterday.

    Their score will be high
    and close I guess.But actually who is afraid? We are the Division Leaders
    ;D and most important :they are the Lions...
    El underdog.

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    Re: My breakdowns for the Detroit Game

    The bold says it all.

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    Re: My breakdowns for the Detroit Game

    Don't let our special teams fool you.
    When we punted, we had great field position most of the time, Klewe couldn't out kick the coverage on those.
    That one KO scared the crap out of me when ATL ran it straight down the middle for 35 yards.
    I think our tackling improved on ST though.
    It helps we have guys playing ST that weren't playing them in preseason, scrubs are cut and not suited up now.

    Klewe did a good job with the punts, I discounted that with my statement above, had to clarify.

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    Re: My breakdowns for the Detroit Game

    Good breakdown Nodak and reckon you've broken it down well over all aspects. As you say a close game and not one for the faint-hearted !
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: My breakdowns for the Detroit Game

    Thanks for taking the time to post that breakdown.
    I think your thoughts are pretty accurate.
    I look forward to more of these throughout the season!

    I wonder if a Lions fan board will pick up on this one.

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    Re: My breakdowns for the Detroit Game

    I agree good breakdown

    But one thing i am afraid of not only for this game but for the rest of the season is our rushing attack against the opposing D.
    I know AD and the rest of our running attack is gonna be great, but i think detroit and every other team we face this year is gonna put 8 in-the-box until
    T-Jack can show that he can throw.
    I mean if it wasnt for that AD touchdown he would have thrown for close to only 100 yards.

    So i think it is going to be harder to run the rest of the season until our pass offense improves

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