Although I think AP has all the tools, he needs help.
Line needs to open holes, downfield blockers, passing game to keep 8 men out of the box, playcalling to keep the defense guessing, good running by Taylor, no penalties, no turnovers.

If everything goes well, he will be solid.

I was out on draft day getting something to eat, and a bumch of people moaned about us not picking Quinn.
My one question to them, name one WR currently on the Vikings squad.
They could not.
My point to them, who is Quinn gonna throw to?
In addition, I just wanted to see what kind of fans they were.

So, that all being said, and I am rambling, I would rather draft a RB than a QB in our situation.
Better chance of making an impact.
QB's are too tough to figure out, and fail to often.