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    MVC Survivor WINNER!

    For all the world to see for quite some time...


    OK, the moment we have all been waiting for!

    Let's recap...

    - 34 Cheerleaders
    - 12 weeks of voting

    It came down to week 12 where we had C1 - Katie M doing her best to outlast the consistent veteran E4 - Stephanie. Katie started off the entire contest guns blazing. The surprising rookie hung around with her strong early weeks was even able to go on to another week. By contest end she had actually totaled a good percentage of the vote each week. Her friends and family hopped on board her bandwagon and made the push to get her into the FINALS. Her voting was even strong enough that some weeks she actually beat Stephanie in the vote count (but Stephanie had enough to keep her in it) . Was it enough?

    Stephanie. She started out the Vikings' fan favorite. She lost some votes in a fews weeks, but it was always just enough to get her to the next round. As we got to the midway point you could almost count the number of votes she would get as she kept getting stronger and stronger. Her family contingent was her greatest ally and she was a top vote every week for the past few weeks. You could almost see her FINALIST position being cemented. Would that be the story in WEEK 12?

    This WAS THE LARGEST VOTE OF THE YEAR! There were days over this past week that I thought I would not even be able to get to all of them. Emails started coming in from people who had never even voted before. You would not believe the numbers if I told you.

    The weeks started out the same as most did. A few votes here and there and then...Katie's contingent took off! Her votes were pouring in and she was in the lead coming into day 2. Day 2 slacked off a bit in the voting but you could hear the cavalry coming in the distance. Going into day 3 these two ladies were about 2 votes apart. Day 3 some some more action on both sides but it was obvious that Stephanie's group had yet to even touch the surface of what they could for their girl. Day 4 showed me what they had as katie's votes had stayed steady while Stephanie fans poured it on. From that point on it was reallt no contest. By the final tally, Stephanie had commanded 75% of the vote.



    Congratulations to Stephanie and all those who worked so hard getting those emails together and sending them out.

    Stephanie and Katie, if I could even start to tell you the love and loyalty your friends and family have for you I would not even be able to express it well enough. You are both very fortunate ladies.

    Katie, your career as Vikings Cheerleader had only just begun and we already love you so much and appreciate what you do every home game and at every function you attend. You eraned that necklace you wear so continue to be proud of what you represent and the organization that backs you. We look forward to seeing you at tryouts next year as you become a veteran.

    Stephanie, your career and reputation as a Vikings Cheerleader is what all the girls truly strive to attain. Your field presense and presense in the community mean so much to those whom you have touched. Wish I could tell you all the stories I recieved from people who look at you and see a genuinely good person who is a wonderful Vikings Cheerleader. Your fans who cheer with you each and every week have spoken and they say YOU are their favorite gal on home game days. We hope to see you at tryouts next year, but as with some veterans we may have to do without our girl with the hair of red and heart of gold. We understand that life goes on in Vikingland but you will be in our hearts and we hope that this Contest win (and award that is coming to you very soon) will be a constant reminder of how much you mean to Vikings fans everywhere.

    To all those websites who helped support and promote this contest...thank you. I had this idea and to many it was great diversion to a "not so good" football season. Your backing and support made it all happen. The tailgating parties you had to get those votes in made a huge impact. So, to,, Mr. Cheer or Die, and others that escape me right now...thank you. We have a great foothold on an even better Cheerleader Survivor for 2006.

    To all the voters...whether you are friends, family, or just great fans...THANK YOU! You kept me busy and I only hope we can automate this vote counting process next year to keep me from getting to bed so late on those crazy days where you slammed my mailbox full. Thank you for helping support this contest at work and with other friends. Your campaigning did the job and I hope your favorite lady did well.

    I have included a graphic design that I had made up for Stephanie attached to this email. If you can not view it, I will have it up on my website at:

    and on my Column on

    I have used this graphic to produce something very special that Stephanie will want to keep for year to come as her award for winning (I told it was nice Stephanie). I will send photos to all of you once I have it in my hand. We are also attempting to get her some flowers for this weekends'game, but you know how security can be. If you want to take flowers with you to the game to give to her, I suggest yellow roses (close to Vikings gold) and just get them to her as you may have opportunity and congratulate her for her win.

    Until next time, I'll see you on the sidelines!

    Gene Ramsay
    AKA - AlabamaViking
    I'll see you on the field!
    #1 Vikings FAN in Alabama!

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    Re: MVC Survivor WINNER!

    Thank you, AlabamaViking! You did an amazing job running the contest...and the best girl won! IMHO anyway! :lol:

    I look forward to next year's contest already!!!

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