Well, it seems that the voters spoke out in week 5 and the following ladies will not be traveling on in the 2006 MVC Survivor Contest:
- Tricia
- Kara
- Leanne
- Nicole
These gals hung on a pretty good while, and we can't wait to see them at the next home game.
There seems to be some voters who just don't get why last years' champ is getting such a high voter ratio.
I tell you why...friends, family, support, etc.
I tell you right now, if she does not get some competition soon we will be engraving her image on that beautiful black marble once again.
If you want a competition, then get on the bandwagon of your favorite lady and get all your friends and neighbors on board too.

Also, do not forget that you can vote as much as you want to right then and there with your first votes of the week.
Once you pick your lady (or ladies) just keep hitting the Vote button at the bottom.
It may take a little time for the site to catch up, but it is registering all those votes each time you hear that page reload.
As soon as you see the updated voting on...get busy and tell everyone you know that the hottest contest on the web right now is right here on purplepride.org.

Until next time...

Gene Ramsay
AKA - AlabamaViking

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