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    Murphy's Law = Vikings

    A strange title for a post I know, but when I look back over the past 39 years of Fandom it's easy to see the "Bad Luck". I guess some would say my glass was always half empty....and perhaps that how it seems, but in reality we certainly have had a lot of strange and disappointing things happen to this team in that time.

    Someone asked me "Why are you still a Vikings fan after seeing how we played against the Packers Sunday". I can only answer this way. After seeing Marshall run the wrong way...seeing Bud Grant Retire.....watching us move into a dome....seeing Atlanta beat us in the NFC Championship game....Having a top player die in Camp....and seeing new ownership of the team....why would I betray my loyalty at this point of my Vikings Fandom Career?

    I know all about fair weather so called fans too.....That just isn't in my purple blood folks. To old and to many memories to even think about changing teams....Remembering players like kapp...Page....Eller....Crouse....Osbourne....Brya nt.....Fran T.
    Carter.....Johnson....White.....To many good times and so many great players. I honestly feel blessed to have been able to be a part of this a fan...for so many years.

    So...when the chips are down and I'm watching somebody like Starr beating us....Madden and the Raiders beating us up in the S.B..... Steve Young running for a T.D. and knocking us out of the playoffs.... losing to the NY Giants 40 zip in an NFC playoff game....or watching Atlanta knock us out in the NFC Championship game....I always come back to the memories of better times, great players and coaches....and the greatest fun I have ever had....this from somebody who has never even been to the State of Minnesota. I may not ever see the Vikes win a S.B., but I will always cheer them on and hope for a championship one day!!!

    My only hope is that I will have an opportunity....on my death bed yell..."Valhalla...I am Coming"

    Sincerely, Frostbite
    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Re: Murphy's Law = Vikings

    Nice post.

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    Re: Murphy's Law = Vikings

    Preach on my brother.
    Excellent post.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Murphy's Law = Vikings

    Great post.

    This is typical venting for Vikings fans.
    We are still the best even though we may get down on the boys in purple.

    Besides, if there was nothing to bitch about here a lot of us would have spend more time with our wives.

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