"mountainviking" wrote:
Well, it all started up front when the OLine started clicking, but I think the main reason for the turn around is Tarvaris Jackson.
He is making faster, better decisions...running for the first when that is all that is open, throwing the ball out of bounds if he can't get away, and, actually reading what the defense is going to do, and getting the ball to the open receiver.
All of this has lead to more first downs, more time of possession, and better opportunities for our defense!
On top of that, the WRs are also playing better...haven't seen an easy drop in awhile.
knocking on wood!*)

And, yeah, I think Childress has improved too...better communication, more careful with challenges etc...
And, as Marrdro pointed out, this increased execution and understanding of the offense has opened up the playbook to pages previously hidden!!

Ahhhhhhh Sweet sweet music to my optimistic ears.
Welcome back onto the wagon my friends.

I chose this one to reply to as I believe Ole Mountain man hit the head on the nail........

It all started up front.
Remember the low game for TJ?
It was the Lions game.
The OL couldn't protect him and he had (IMHO) the worst game of his career.

Now the OL has finally grasped the complex mix of ZB and man
blocking we run and the offense is clicking.
TJ looks like a star, both our RB's are running at historic levels and even our WR's are catching balls.
Heck, I even believe that before the playoffs we will start to see how our TE's fit into the grand scheme of things as they will now have the lattitude to chip/assist the Tackles and then release into thier patterns........

Again, I ask, what has changed?
Coaching, Scheme or just a bunch of very young but talented players finally getting it and coming together under a very good coaching staff that was hired by a Owner who wants nothing more than to put a exciting product on the field.

Long Story short..........
Give the credit to the players as they are the ones executing (Finally) on all fronts in the very same scheme that all of you said the Chiller was being hard headed as he stuck to it.

Key note, however, to think about is my friend COJO's point.
This team is still very young and will still have problems, especially if we make the playoffs.
How many of you will jump the ship (wagon) if they falter again?
Lets not forget that although the OL has finally started to perform on a consistent basis we still have a DL that is being held together with smoking mirrors and a damn good coaching staff.
Lets hope them kids keep on keepin on.

Always remember and never forget, the future is bright, and nearer than some think.

By the way, I listened to the game on my Sat radio in my truck and was thinking how much I would have loved to give you guys a shout out.

Very nice thread my friend.
Very nice indeed.