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    Motorcycle Helmets

    Hey Guys, I'm not sure who all is into motorcycles but i thought this would be a good topic. I myself have a 1981 Purple Yamaha Maxim with Viking horns on it: [attachment=836]67627_10150278777220635_658980634_15072992_6766698 _n.jpg[/attachment] but I've been looking for a Vikings motorcycle helmet. I found this redskins helmet: [attachment=835]helmet.jpg[/attachment] on Google but it doesn't say what website its from or where i can get a vikings one. wondering if anyone knew someone or place to get something like this.

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    Re: Motorcycle Helmets

    Awesome bike!
    A Vikings helmet would definitely be the cherry on the top. You could easily just make one or have someone do it for you.

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    Re: Motorcycle Helmets

    I found the above while googling 'custom motorcycle helmets' no Vikings but some of these are hilarious

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    Re: Motorcycle Helmets

    I'm pretty sure this is in the wrong area - should be a Club House thread...

    That said, I have a 99 Triumph Sprint ST and have long considered having it reshot Purple - I just REALLY like the current Red.

    AS for the helmet, most areas have a custom shop around that air brushes...I simply figured I'd have to find someone willing to do the job (considering I live in Packtard land).


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    Re: Motorcycle Helmets

    Quote Originally Posted by "Big Matt" #1090034

    I found the above while googling 'custom motorcycle helmets' no Vikings but some of these are hilarious
    Those are some pretty awesome ideas. i actually found out through google that some small company has received a license from the NFL to make motorcycle helmets, but that they haven't actually started making them yet. bummer.

    Sorry about the misplacement of the forum, i just clicked create a forum and here we are. haha i'll move it if i can figure out how.

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    Re: Motorcycle Helmets

    I just bought a 1981 Honda CX500. Fixed it up and now thinking of painting it purple and doing the horns on the side also. Will post pics if I do. the helmet is a great idea also.

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    Re: Motorcycle Helmets

    i got my horns as decals from ebay. came with all the helmet stickers for pretty cheap, less than $10 i think

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    Re: Motorcycle Helmets

    sweet bike and if you could get the vikings helmet too than that would be uber cool!

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    Re: Motorcycle Helmets

    Vikings are good. After all, Helmets are made perfectly to the benefits of the many today. It is made by the experts and geniuses in order to give help and assistance to the many motorists today.

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    And because we talk about the importance of helmets, that is why, best manufacturers today made only a perfect design, and kinds of helmets to the many motorist today in order to assure that any riders or motorist are safe while they are riding in their motorcycles. It is very important to ensure ones’ life other than to take a risk in everyday lives.

    Now with the different designs like this Arai Helmets then for sure it will give only the best and the needed safety for the benefits of the many. This kind of brand is just perfect for you today, as you can see; it has a safety design that gives a lot of benefits to those who wear it.

    Or, there is also this kind of Scorpion Helmets in the other hand, with other kinds and design as well and features that is much different to the other helmets. This is also with high quality to trust about.

    Those kinds of helmets are just made perfectly to the benefits of the many. So, have it now and you can assure of only the best that is just right for you.

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    Re: Motorcycle Helmets

    lol - for some reason faastmoto's post reminds of some extra credit copy/paste book reports I did in high school for extra credit.

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