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    Re:Most popular Vikings jerseys?

    #81 Carl Eller

    got a white Michael Bennet and a purple Culpepper which I would like to turn into a Kapp even if it isn't "appropriate".

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    Re:Most popular Vikings jerseys?

    Mark_The_Viking wrote:
    LOL thats exactly what happened to me. Carter - Retired, Culpepper - went away, got one with my own name on it and then a peterson. Hope it's stoppedI don't want me or AD to leave :P
    I'm trying to decide who I want to buy for this year. I figure with the looming lockout if the player isn't around next year it won't be my fault.

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    Re:Most popular Vikings jerseys?

    brianjgeraghty wrote:
    PackSux! wrote:
    brianjgeraghty wrote:
    jmcdon00 wrote:
    Most popular Packers jerseys?
    As a resident of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), I can tell you, there were a ton of Favre jerseys, lots of rodgers, and drivers now, even the occasional Jolly. It always gets a smile from me though when I see the Vikes Favre jerseys around here.

    I would assume the Vikes Favre jersey is more popular than the Packers Favre jersey. Didnt most Packer fans burn their Favre jersey's when he became a Viking?
    I think you'd be surprised how many packer fans just loved favre that much that they didn't burn the jerseys. hehe.

    Skol Vikes!
    It's a great onversation starter if you ever run into a packer fan. Just ask "What did you do with your Favre jersey?". hehe

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