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    Re: most important game of the season

    Super Bowl, by far. Is that better? (j/k)
    Before you attempt to beat the odds, be sure you could survive the odds beating you.

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    Re: most important game of the season

    WE MUST BEAT THE GIANTS!!!!!!!! This isn't a monkey on our backs; it a f*ing silver back gorilla! But with that chimp Eli with the ball, I think the Vikes are gonna come out hunting. :munky2:

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    Re: most important game of the season

    I am going to say the Dec 18 game against Pittsburgh. The Steelers will be a play off team in their conference and if we can't show that we can beat an AFC playoff team at the end of the season it won't bode well for us going anywhere in the playoffs. The Vikes will have to have pulled it together by that time to show they are a real super bowl contender.


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    Re: most important game of the season

    "oldschoolmikey" wrote:
    To me the most important games of the year are still the games vs. the Packers. Especially this year, they are the reigning NFC north champs. Sure we beat them in the playoffs, but to me I still feel they hold the power in this division. We have made some nice additions to the "d" this year, but I am not sure if it was enough. Also our offense does not have a go to guy anymore, and Culpepper has not shown that he can put this team on his shoulders and lead them the way Favre does in Green Bay.

    Are you a Packer fan? Just reading some of your posts leads me to belive you are. No biggy if you are, just don't hide it :grin:

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    Re: most important game of the season

    "purplepat" wrote:
    You know, I'll be bizarre here and say it will be the road game against the Bears. I don't think Tice has won yet in Chicago, and I think the Vikings lost to the inferior team each time. It's a conference, and more importantly, a division game. It's one you don't want to lose if you are the better team. I'll accept the Packers and Vikings splitting their season series, but the Vikings can't do any favors for the Packers by losing any other division games.
    Indeed, I've been betting the Bears against the Vikes for years when the Vikes are out of their comfy Twinkiedome. Doesn't seem to matter how bad the Bears are, or how good the Vikings. Not only do the Bears always seem to cover, the last six years I've taken to betting straight up on the win too, and taking the odds. Two bets, and lately they seem to both pay off...
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    Re: most important game of the season

    I say the Giants!

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