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    THE most frustrating thing....

    is the fact that when I look around at the team, it's impossible to point out one or two things that are simply awful. Watching the game tonight with my dad and brother, I brought this up to them, which they agreed with.
    Clearly, the pass D sucks, but it feels like it shouldn't. We have big names in the secondary who have played up and down all year, but just when I wanna write off Winfield or Smoot, they have the kind of games tonight that make me think they're headed in the right direction. Is it the LBs? No pass rush?
    The offense can't move the ball at all, which is even more frustrating because Chester has been solid and Tarvaris didn't look great, but I think he was kind of handcuffed by the playcalling (after I saw a 4 yard out pattern on 3rd and 6 early on, I asked my dad why the Vikings had painted BJ black and put him in a #7 Jackson jersey). In fact, when he threw the bomb to Williamson (dropped....SHOCKING!), I was giddy just because the ball was in the air for more than 20 yards and that I haven't seen a pass like that in about 30 Vikes games.
    It's like we need a little of everything but not a lot of any one thing, which is maddening.

    Other notes:
    1. Let's go Rams!: Losing in Wk 17 and finishing 6-10 would put us somewhere like:
    1. Detroit
    2. Oakland
    3. Tampa Bay
    4. Cleveland
    5. Houston
    6. Washington
    7-11. Miami, St. Louis,Minnesota , San Fran, Carolina
    ..and perhaps higher if Washington, Cleveland or Houston win out.

    Calvin Johnson, anyone?

    2. Getting Tank and Greenway back for next year will be like signing 2 FAs, in my mind. 2 Guys who could/should start and help immediately.

    3. i think overlooked too amidst the average WR play is the lack of production from the TEs. They have a combined like 50 catches on the year for like 420 yards and 3 TD, 2 if you scratch Owens' on the fake FG vs. Carolina. I'm not asking for Antonie Gates here; just give me someone who can make a play on 3rd and 8 like twice a game. I saw Wiggins make that dive and roll over and drop tonight and didn't see him again all night. Jeff Dugan and Richard Owens aren't exactly gamebreakers, but if we just had someone who could catch the ball "with regularity" (as Bob Knight has been saying like 763x in the last 2 weeks on those SportsCenter segments), it might open things up.

    4. Stick with Tarvaris. He needs to learn to step up in the pocket, but I think if they let him air it out a little more, he has the skills already. That on the run 40+ yarder that got called back by the 49th penalty of the night looked smooth, smoother than anything BJ could have done after 2002.

    5. On an unrelated note, did you guys see the most bizarrely funny thing of the night with Schefter talking about the Raiders at halftime?
    What comedy.

    Sound off and let me know what you guys think/alleviate my pains/talk me off the ledge.

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    Re: THE most frustrating thing....

    calvin would be nice but we wont get him, we need to trade up if we are serious in getting him... otherwise well jarrett or ginn...or if the guys upstairs were smart they would try to trade to get another round one pick and get both jarrett and ginn, but if i had to choose get ginn... he's a better returner, but we need some hands out there

    Thanks josdin00

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    Re: THE most frustrating thing....

    I think I'd rather have Jarrett more than Ginn or's just games like this that make me wonder if they'll ever win a SB.

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    Re: THE most frustrating thing....

    Don't forget too a healthy erasmus james returning will add a lot to our pass rush.

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    Re: THE most frustrating thing....

    we'll have 4 starters that weren't at that game.. and wern't in all season.

    but they are all on the D side of the game..

    we need some help in the O..

    I think it's time the JCarter - Tjack combo started..

    we'll just have to see what miracles come out of the offseason.


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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