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Thread: Moss Vs Carter

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    Moss Vs Carter

    I do not think Chris Carter is "classy" by any means! Any player that elbows a female reporter as he comes off the field is not very classy. He also caused alot of problems in the locker room.
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    Moss Vs Carter

    Carter was classy at one point. NFL sportsman of the Year once if I remember correctly. The last year and a half were a free fall for him attitude wise. I think the Marino comparison is dead on. The biggest issue was that all this happened on camera for the world to see. All it took was one time then the TV crews just watched and waited at the rest of the games. Great receiver? Yes. Football Legend/HOF Bound? Yes. Classy guy? No. For me to be considered one of the classiest you need to do it for your whole career.
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