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Thread: Moss TD

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    Moss TD

    Anyone catch Aikman saying that the Pack should drop cover 2 after moss wasn't running so good? I did and said please do. And wala couple plays later the big burn.

    Moss isn't the best when hobbled but he's never been known to pass up a good opportunity for a TD. They can say what they want about Moss but one on one he's always a threat. Thats the second TD this year he caught like that when he could barely run. So when Troy boy said that I told my wife " Go ahead and try that Pack". Man was I pumped when he caught that ball and showed em up. And what a game by Culpepper-made Favre look like a peewee player today. Pep better get his props, he played great.

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    Moss TD

    Moss led the movement last season for a home game against Kansas City. Afros, by the way, stands for America's Finest Receivers on Sunday. At least to the Vikings, it does.

    just a note

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