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    Moss speaks! Moss opens up in an interview

    "cheesefree" wrote:
    "whackthepack" wrote:
    He complimented Keyshawn, said he would love to have a fireball like him playing across from him, and that Keyshawn had the talent to be the best receiver ever in the league (I do not see it).
    It's the other way around, Keyshawn complimented Moss.

    Keyshawn Johnson, the often outspoken wide receiver now with the Cowboys, shared a few of his opinions on a conference call with Twin Cities reporters.

    Among the highlights:

    • On the NFL's enforcement of the illegal-contact rule against pass defenders: "I've seen it where they call things to death in the preseason, then at the end of the day, when the season starts, they don't call it. I hope I don't get fined for that, criticizing officials and all."

    • On Randy Moss: "I would love to play opposite a guy like him in my career -- someone with firepower like him. ... I know the guy has the potential to be the greatest receiver who ever played the game."

    • On Vikings linebacker Chris Claiborne, who like Johnson played at USC: "He's worked his way into shape after being 285 banana-chip pounds in Detroit, and he's a very solid linebacker."

    Thanks for the correction Cheesefree, I was totally wrong on that!! I was still half asleep when I read it this morning, so please excuse my screw-up. But it makes a lot more sence that way, I couldn't understand why Moss would have said it about Keyshawn.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Moss speaks! Moss opens up in an interview

    "Big Daddy" wrote:
    RK and Casper I just hope your right, but one thing is for sure, it will be an awesome year!

    ABSOLUTLY especially since we are with folks like the purple pride ORG to enjoy it with ccasion5:
    Yesterday is History
    Tomorrow a Mystery
    TODAY is a GIFT that is why WE
    call it the "PRESENT"

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    Moss speaks! Moss opens up in an interview

    "triedandtruevikesfan" wrote:
    I got a little chill when I read that.... OMG is it Sunday yet?!?!?!! I'm ready for some VIKING FOOTBALL!!!!
    :laughing3: I was sitting here reading this and got the chill go down a few post and someone else had em, hehe. GO VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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