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Thread: Is Moss Hurt?

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    Is Moss Hurt?

    That was the question they had on NFl monday quarterback is Moss hurt
    or lack of focus? After watching Moss play all year and after watch-
    these last four or five games I would have to say that there is more
    wrong with Moss than what is being let on.
    He's not as fluid in making his breaks,as far as jumping for catches,
    and especially when he's running those go routes guys are being able
    to stay with him whereas in the past Moss would hit that extra gear
    and they wouldn't even be close.
    It's definitely time for other guys to step it up. Especially when
    we get in the playoffs other teams are going to try and shut Moss
    down so we've got to have the Burleson's, Campbell's, Sasser's, and
    the running game to pick it up.

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    Is Moss Hurt?

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    Is Moss Hurt?

    Viking_Mike has left the building. In search of a real Viking site. Enjoy stomping on eachother for differing opinions, and acting like Packer fans....good job webby you ve created a nice little haven for you and your opinion. Hitler would be proud.

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