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    This is for the Moss haters!

    Here is the story that vikingstw was refering to:

    7-year-old catches the heart of Randy Moss. I could not find anything about her dying. Great article, great man!


    Pioneer Press

    The recurring image of Randy Moss at training camp is of the Vikings receiver gracefully snaring passes over helpless teammates. The lasting image is of him walking hand in hand with a young girl, smiling and laughing, or signing autographs for children with her perched on his shoulders.

    Vikings players and coaches know by name, and the 7-year-old and her father, Craig, have been VIP guests of Moss for the past five training camps. Kassi walks the 200 yards from the locker room to the Minnesota State dormitory with Moss, and they eat lunch together in the cafeteria.

    "Randy loves that girl to death," Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper said. "They have that connection, and I think it's beautiful."

    For many, it is a different vision of Moss, the talented receiver known almost as much for his ornery off-the-field antics as his remarkable skill on the field. He's remembered for squirting water at an official during a game and allegedly knocking down a Minneapolis traffic agent with his sedan. Intensely private, Moss rarely grants interview requests and does not feel compelled to defend himself, although many of his teammates do.

    Shelly Bartlett of North Mankato was so moved when she witnessed Moss' genuine affection for Spier on Aug. 5, that she wrote a letter to the Mankato Free Press. Bartlett was particularly touched when Moss leaned over and asked Kassi, "Can I have my kiss now?"

    "Thank you, No. 84, for being a true friend to Kassi," Bartlett concluded in her letter.

    But those aren't the prevailing images of Moss.

    "A lot of people don't know Randy and the type of guy he is," Culpepper said. "That's why when you hear something like this, people should know about it, even though he wouldn't want people to know."

    Moss, indeed, did not want to talk about his relationship with Spier, politely declining three separate interview requests.

    "It's personal," he said.

    It was the small voice of a 2½-year old girl that got his attention when Moss was a rookie in 1998.

    "He just fell in love with me because I just yelled, 'Randy,' " Kassi said matter-of-factly.

    Craig and Kassi, who are from Kimball, S.D., returned the following year, and Moss got them field-access passes. They ate lunch together in the cafeteria several times. They learned that Moss and Kassi shared the same small-town roots and the same birthday, February 13.

    Head coach Mike Tice said the two have a special bond because of Moss' inclination toward children, not adults. Moss often turns down autograph requests from adults by saying, 'Too big, dawg."

    "Randy trusts kids, Randy doesn't trust adults," Tice said. "That's because adults throughout his career, when they knew he was going to be special, used him. Kids don't use him. Kids love him. My son loves Randy."

    In May 2000, Kassi was diagnosed with leukemia, a cancer that affects the bone marrow, where blood cells are produced. She still attended training camp that year, and even sat with Moss during an interview with ESPN's Roy Firestone. Her father said she vomited shortly thereafter.

    On Aug. 5, Craig and Kassi attended the preseason opener against the New Orleans Saints at the Metrodome. During that game, Moss suffered shoulder and rib injuries and went to the hospital. Kassi refused to drive home until she knew Moss was fine.

    "I told my dad we couldn't go home until I knew he was OK," said Kassi, who owns at least six Randy Moss jerseys. "He's my buddy."

    Later that month, Kassi was hospitalized in Rochester, Minn., sometimes in critical condition, Craig said. The family contacted Vikings director of community relations, Brad Madson, and informed him of Kassi's situation. Madson relayed the message to Moss, and the Vikings star visited her one Saturday in September.

    They played games, and they talked, but he had a hard time saying goodbye, Kassi recalled.

    "He cried because he didn't want to leave," she said.

    Kassi remained in Rochester through April, and her father quit his job and stayed at the hospital or the Ronald McDonald House. In February, for her 5th birthday, Moss sent her an orange battery-operated Barbie Jeep. Moss also has given them tickets to at least half a dozen Vikings games, spending time with her on the Metrodome turf before the game.

    She's now a fixture for several days each year at training camp.

    "She's just a nice young lady," said running back Michael Bennett, who has a picture she drew him hanging in his locker. "She has the mind of an adult and it strikes when she gets to talking."

    But the leukemia has taken a toll. Kassi is well spoken for her age, but she's less than three feet tall, at least half the size of the average 7-year-old. Craig said his daughter started feeling better a few months ago, and he remains hopeful that she'll conquer the leukemia.

    "At first, they didn't know if she'd make it this far," he said, "but you always have to wish for the best."

    Despite the largely negative perception of Moss, Kassi and Craig are confident that they know the real Randy Moss, the man who makes their summer vacation special and only requires kisses on the cheek in return. Kassi defends her friend, even scolding her dad when he plays a football video game and tackles Moss.

    "Don't hurt Randy, Dad," she says.

    On one of her final days at training camp this year, Kassi walked up to Tice, who was doing an autograph session at the local Target, and asked him to give Moss a message.

    "She came around and said, 'Coach, coach.' I said, 'Yes honey,' " Tice recalled. "She said, 'Will you tell Randy I love him,' and I almost started crying. I had to take a deep one there."

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    This is for the Moss haters!

    "packmanxxxi" wrote:
    so tell me this....

    Why when an article comes out about Favre's negatives do you dismiss it, but when an article about his positives comes out you embrace it and cherish it?

    Truth is, NONE of you know Favre. You think what you want. Is what he did here a good thing? Absolutly? But in the midst of it, NEVER forget his drug problem, something you and I would STILL be in jail or rehab for...
    Damn, that post coulda been about Moss! :scratch:

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    This is for the Moss haters!

    "packmanxxxi" wrote:
    so tell me this....

    Why when an article comes out about Moss' negatives do you dismiss it, but when an article about his positives comes out you embrace it and cherish it?

    Truth is, NONE of you know Moss. You think what you want. Is what he did here a good thing? Absolutly? But in the midst of it, NEVER forget his drug problem, nor that little incident of running over a cop, somehting you and I would STILL be in jail for...
    Drugs in the NFL? I don't believe it. I guarantee all Packers are perfect citizens, cough-Chmura-cough.

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    This is for the Moss haters!

    I have met him before...No joke and Duante and Bennett....Those three are 10 times nicer people then Orlando Pace or Torry Holt....Trust me...Bennett gave me two tickets tot he bears vikings game in Champaigne a few years ago...

    By Pack93z

    "Success is the ability to go from one failure to the other with no loss of enthusiasm"-Sir Winston Churchill

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