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    More waiting time for Moore

    Posted on Sat, Feb. 25, 2006

    [size=18px]More waiting time for Moore[/size]

    Pioneer Press

    INDIANAPOLIS — Brad Childress didn't hand Mewelde Moore the starting running back job Friday. The new Vikings coach indicated that position would be addressed in the coming months.

    Asked if he was comfortable with Moore handling the load at the position, Childress retracted his initial comment that the Vikings were "talent poor" at the position.

    "Let me take that back," Childress said. "We don't have that many numbers. We just have two running backs there right now. (Adimchinobe) Echemandu is coming back; he's a little bit of an unknown. Mewelde did some good things. How many carries? We've done it a couple of different ways. We could split them up; if there is somebody that comes through that we think can handle 20-25 carries, that's a way to go as well."

    Childress cannot speak to suspended running back Onterrio Smith until May and said he would not make a decision on him until they meet.

    One player Childress did visit with recently was free-agent receiver Koren Robinson, who spent a day with him and other key team officials last week.
    "It's hard not to like him," Childress said.

    Asked if he would rule out adding receiver Terrell Owens, who played for him last year, Childress diplomatically said, "I like the core receivers we have."

    Childress also addressed several other topics:

    • The decision to place the transition tag on Brian Williams, whose agent, Jordan Feagan, has stressed that the cornerback wants to play elsewhere: "Guys don't get to pick and choose where they get a chance to go. I'm sure it will be ongoing and we'll establish a relationship. It's a new staff, a new beginning from him, so that's what I try to communicate to his agent."

    • The possibility of moving Williams or cornerback Antoine Winfield to safety: "I think certainly Brian is a big enough body to be that kind of person. But his talents are at corner."

    • How active in free agency the Vikings will be: "We've got a plan for a couple of different scenarios. Obviously, we're in good shape cap-wise. That doesn't mean, however, we need to spend all of that. They've done a great job in terms of managing the cap, and so the big thing is establishing a value, which we've done with the guys that are out there at all those positions."

    • On the future of veteran strong safety Corey Chavous: "You know, I have not personally talked to him. I don't feel any real urgency to run and fill that safety position."

    • On the physical status of center Matt Birk, who missed all of last season: "He's doing well."

    • On whether veteran quarterback Brad Johnson can run the Vikings' offense: "He's proved he (can). There's no reason for me to think anything different."

    Sean Jensen can be reached at [email protected]

    More waiting time for Moore

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    Re: More waiting time for Moore

    Great article.

    Alot of nice info!
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    Re: More waiting time for Moore

    ha wow, he probably shouldn't have said "talent poor." but he corrected himself so that's good.

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    Re: More waiting time for Moore

    i really like this so excited for march 3rd to come, i wanna see if i need any new jerseys, and who were gonna draft,
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    Re: More waiting time for Moore

    Great article there. I feel bad for Mewelde because I think if Tice would have given him the shot he deserved then we wouldn't be discussing running backs right now.

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    Re: More waiting time for Moore

    I think Mewelde needs a shot to be a number one back for us. He has great potential in my opionion!

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    Re: More waiting time for Moore

    the moore i hear from our coach the moore i like him. i also like moore.
    woo out
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    Re: More waiting time for Moore

    I would rather have the vikings look elsewhere for a RB. Unless smith stops smoking for a bit, we have no dependable back. When has moore been not injured for a extended length of time. Ahman Green and the edge are both going to be FA, I would rather have a proven back than what we have now. Moore is a good back-up don't get me wrong, but not a starter.
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    Re: More waiting time for Moore

    Great article!!
    Moore hasn't been given a chance, as VKG said. The flip-flopping of RB's last year was disgusting.
    IMO, Green and James are past their prime and a bad move to get.
    Talk about injuries, didn't Edge blow his knee out not long ago ??

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    Re: More waiting time for Moore

    Moore was given a chance.. But he frickin got hurt every week.. He would have been the full time starter if he wasn't hurt after 5 carries every game

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