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    Re: more proof the general public gives us no credit

    "SnoBumMN" wrote:
    I'd rather love a small-market team. The victories are sweeter, and the players don't get as commercialized, normally.

    I'll take a Morneau or a Chester Taylor over an A-Rodish player any day.

    Kinda... (lol)
    I know. I love being in a small market, less stress. The down side; teams pack up and move with the quickness!!!

    As far as taking Moreneau or Chester over a player like A-Rod.....I don't know. I still like A-Rod. The dude is an awesome player. He is just playing in the wrong market. New York fans are crazy. They are never happy. A-Rod gives them .300 BA. 30+ homers, and 100-120 RBIs and they are unhappy. They want more. Please. A-Rod is a great player. He just needs to relax and not worry about what people think. But on the note; Kick some booty, Twins!!!! I can't believe we are down 6-0 to the Red Sox. With the Tigers losing today, we could have been up 1/2 a game. Let's go, Twins!!!

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    Re: more proof the general public gives us no credit

    First off, I hate any player that sells out to play for the flippin' Yankees.
    Now, if the Yanks legitimately
    brought talent up from their own system, that's a different story.
    UGH, I hate the Yanks!!!!

    Second, leave it to a former Twin and Kirby Puckett apprentice to hammer 2 home runs against the Twinkees..
    Congrats to David Ortiz, LETS GO TWINS!!!

    And finally, on topic, sorry if this seems a tad insensitive, but really, this topic is irrevalent.
    The game will go on.
    As long as there are fans in the 'Dome seats, the game will still be played, whether its being Nationally televised or not even locally televised.
    For those that are reading this and won't be able to see the game, I'm assuming that you have internet or access to it, check the game stats online.
    As long as the Vikes win, it shouldn't matter anyways.

    As for me, I'll miss this game.
    Just like I missed last weeks.
    I only caught 2 quarters of the first game as well.
    And I live in Minneapolis.

    Like I said, sorry.
    But I'm in total agreement with those that think this thread is irrevalent.
    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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