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    Re: MORE Johson drama...

    his career is almost over. a few teams might take him, but they would've to be desperate to start him at qb.
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    Re: MORE Johson drama...

    Brad is not good enough to take control of a game like Daunte. Back in the day he probably could but not anymore. The only way for him to survive in the league is to be on a team with a great defense and running game. IMO He should not want to go to another team and want to start. I just don't think he is good enough.

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    Re: MORE Johson drama...

    Trade his ass, it never goes back to normal once a player starts some kind of controversy.

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    Re: MORE Johson drama...

    I think Brad and his agent just want the right to seek a trade without breaking any contracts they have signed (normally only the team can seek a trade). If he can find something, great ... but I think he will likely be here next season ...
    To be fair he is nearing the end of his career and thinks he can cut it ... I would be as desperate as him if I thought I only had a couple of years left and I might be backing up ... I think when he came here he thought he was almost done ... I think now he thinks he can do it a couple of years.

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    Re: MORE Johson drama...

    I fully believe B.J can start on a team.. can he lead them to a SuperB? not on his own.. but with a well rounded team he should be able to do lots!!

    (course so should any NFL QB!!)

    now.. what the best thing in my eyes for B.J to help the vikes?

    Help D.C~!!!!! help him through the recovery.. help him gain insight into the WestCoast O.. help him judge D's better.. help him understand the count before the throw.. .

    If brad was smart.. he'd be pushing for more of a mentor role on a team.. and try to get into the QB coaching before his name gets forgotten!!!

    he's good, he can lead a team.. but for how long? 1 - 2 years? after that it's pepsi commercials and used car lot promotional gigs!!


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    Re: MORE Johson drama...

    hmm lets see here, randall cunningham and jeff george had a good year with our team then they wanted to be starters and make more money then did nothing when they left. we all know there was a reason johnson got released from tampa; he isn't worth the money.
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    Re: MORE Johson drama...

    Johnson may not be worth the money, but he is already under contract so he woulnd't cost us anymore. If Pep does get traded and we draft a young QB, I can think of worse quarterbacks to mentor a rookie.

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    Re: MORE Johson drama...

    Agent: Johnson didn't ask for trade
    Pioneer Press

    Brad Johnson's agent reacted with surprise Sunday to an ESPN report that Vikings coach Brad Childress had turned down the quarterback's trade request.

    "I didn't know that there was a trade request," agent Phil Williams said. "All I know is what I've said all along. Brad wants to be a starter and deserves to be a starter in this league."

    Johnson made those feelings known recently to the Vikings, but Williams has denied that there was any trade request.

    Childress, who has committed to Daunte Culpepper as his No. 1 quarterback, was unavailable for comment Sunday.

    "I'm sure he has no intent to trade Brad, and we have not requested a trade," Williams said. "At the same time, he does want to be a starter."

    Johnson led the Vikings to a 7-2 record in their final nine games last season after Culpepper suffered a season-ending knee injury.
    Tice time: Former Vikings coach Mike Tice is scheduled to interview today for the New York Jets' head-coaching vacancy.

    Jets officials met Sunday with New England Patriots defensive coordinator Eric Mangini, the reported frontrunner for the position.

    The Jets also have interviewed former New Orleans Saints coach Jim Haslett, former St. Louis Rams interim coach Joe Vitt, New York Giants defensive coordinator Tim Lewis and three of their own assistants — offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson and special teams coach Mike Westhoff.
    Cottrell fans: Former Vikings defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell is being touted as a candidate for Buffalo's head-coaching job by former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly and defensive end Bruce Smith.

    Cottrell said he appreciates the support but has no interviews set up at this time.
    Aiming high: Childress, asked last week what type of running back best fits his West Coast offense, jokingly replied, "How about if I said LaDainian Tomlinson?"

    But seriously, folks...

    "No, you want a guy who can run between the tackles and be able to catch the football," Childress said. "You want a guy that's well-rounded."
    Briefly: Childress said he would hold one veterans minicamp two weeks before the April 29-30 NFL draft and plans a physical training camp, with some type of scrimmage every day.
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    Re: MORE Johson drama...

    This controversy will continue until we know the status of Culpepper. Who knows what's in the hopper this offseason. Whatever happens is exciting as a Vikes fan, pros and cons no matter how it all works out regarding the QB position.


    Vikings | Agent says again B. Johnson did not request a trade
    Mon, 16 Jan 2006 08:35:01 -0800

    Don Seeholzer, of the Pioneer Press, reports agent Phil Williams once again denied a report stating Minnesota Vikings QB Brad Johnson asked new Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress to trade him. "I didn't know that there was a trade request," Williams said. "All I know is what I've said all along. Brad wants to be a starter and deserves to be a starter in this league." Johnson made those feelings known recently to the Vikings, but Williams has denied that there was any trade request.

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    Re: MORE Johson drama...

    Brad knows his role.

    He signed here as a back up, and if he wants to start he will have to compete for it.

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