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    Re: More Favre Allegations

    Quote Originally Posted by "i_bleed_purple" #1086719
    Quote Originally Posted by "V4L" #1086660
    Haha sorry shoulda been in the clubhouse maybe? I suppose he isn't a Vike

    And Sorry bad title

    And these chicks are full of shit
    I'm pretty sure he's technically still a viking until his contact expires in march

    Ya I thought about that today randomly in the middle of the day haha

    He technically isn't retired and is still a Viking

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    Re: More Favre Allegations

    I don't know if you can even make this stuff up.

    The two Jets massage ladies filing the law suite against Favre for aggressive approaches, Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole, claimed that Favre treated them like a "hanging slab of mean". Gotta give it to the massage ladies... they are creative!

    Maybe the Jets shouldn't hire the Hooters waitress staff to run around their locker room.

    This quote was in the link about the lawsuit on DeadSpin.

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    Re: More Favre Allegations

    If I was Brett, I'd be worried. I just remember all the women that came foreword about Tiger, I'm guessing Brett has lots of bones in his closet as well. When these ladies get done with him, Deanna could take her turn.

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