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    moore likes the vikings

    Quotes from Mewelde Moore
    Sunday, April 25, 2004

    Listen to Moore

    Q: What sort of plans do you have with the Padres now that you are in the NFL?
    A: I’m a Viking, I’m in purple and gold and that is what I bleed now and that is where I am going to be. :salute:
    Q: Have you pretty much closed the door on baseball?
    A: Pretty much, all I want to do is play football. When I went to bed at night when I was a kid I used to go to sleep with a football in my head and dreamed about playing the game like Walter Payton and Bo Jackson and guys like that on the gridiron. I never thought about picking up a baseball uni and swinging a bat around.

    Q: Bo Jackson played both?
    A: Yeah but I remember him playing football when I was a kid.

    Q: What position did you play in baseball?
    A: Leftfield and centerfield.

    Q: What kind of a career did you have in baseball?
    A: I wouldn’t even call it a career actually. It was one of those things where you have to play baseball everyday. Since I decided to make the decision that I am going to stay I got taken off the prospect list. I was playing every fifth day. So all of those stats that you might see are not true stats because it was meaningless at bats. Everybody knows that you have to play baseball everyday to actually get in a rhythm and stuff like that. You can’t do that, it’s not playing baseball, you are just a stage prop.

    Q: Did your final season hurt you?
    A: No, I don’t think my final season hurt me. I don’t think you base one guy off of one season anyway. It is about consistent and about improving and being productive. That is all that I want to do is be productive and be an impact player on the team. As far the season went it is disappointing that you have an injury in your senior year but if you are mentally strong enough it affects you to a point where you are like I should have been there and should have been playing. Then again you say it is time to get better and regroup and play harder.

    Q: How is your hand now?
    A: My hand is great. Everything is fine. I have been training and studying for my finals for class and everything. I have been doing a lot of the maintenance work and maintaining just so I can be ready for mini-camp coming up soon.

    Q: Are you graduating?
    A: Yes sir

    Q: You are a dual major, are you going to graduate in both?
    A: That is my plan.

    Q: The Vikings have a crowded backfield, where do you see yourself fitting in?
    A: I think I am in a unique situation, I might get a chance to a little bit of everything. We’ll see, I think they will have me at special teams and all those things and I just want to help the team as much as I possibly can. Time will tell, I can’t tell you exactly what they want or are going to ask of me. Whatever it is, I am going to do it wholeheartedly at full speed.

    Q: Can you return kicks or punts?
    A: That is like saying do birds fly.

    Q: You didn’t do it too much at Tulane?
    A: That is one of those things. This is being humble to you, when you accounted for at least 75-80 percent of your offense they don’t want you doing special teams too much.

    Q: Do you enjoy kickoff return?
    A: To me it doesn’t really matter, we’re playing football.

    Q: What level did you get with the Padres?
    A: I went to rookie ball and low A. I never moved from that spot. I just stayed there and played because I would go in for two months and then come out. There was really nothing there. I can’t even recall my stats because it was about me being a part of the affiliation and me being there more or less than me actually getting the opportunity to play.

    Q: Did you receive a $850,000 signing bonus?
    A: No that is incorrect, it was $250,000.

    Q: Have you told them that you are done playing baseball?
    A: Yeah, pretty much.

    Q: Is it fair to say that your heart was never really in baseball?
    A: Like I said, I am Viking.

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    moore likes the vikings

    Thats Great I love hearing a young draftee talking like that :!: Sounds like he is ready to become a VIKING and contribuite in any way he can :!:

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    moore likes the vikings

    I love it... "I'm in purple and gold and thats what I bleed" couldn't have said it better!!!

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    moore likes the vikings

    I like it, it sounds like he is really dedicated to the team and just wants a chance to play ball!
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    moore likes the vikings

    football was the right choice

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    moore likes the vikings

    our picks this year seem pretty enthusiastic to be with the team, and it doesnt seem like fake optimism
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    moore likes the vikings

    I've got a lot of friends from New Orleans that have watched him all through out his college carreer at Tulane and they think that he was a great pick-up and will do a great job for us. They said that he is the type of guy that doesn't ask for much and knows what the word team means, so we should be able to plug him in where ever we need with out him B*THCHIN', like a lot of other players would. I am not quite sure why we picked another RB, I think that we will find a spot for him and he will do a great job.
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    moore likes the vikings

    This kid sounds like a keeper, lets hope he keeps the football in his hands not on the turf, im already starting to like this kid, wehn Moe retires he could come in handy! :wink: :lol:

    Afro man :rr:

    PAT TILLMAN :salute:
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    moore likes the vikings

    I already love this guy too. He appears to be dedicated to whatever he decides to do. This is evident from his goal to graduate with two majors. He is going to be a stud!!!

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    moore likes the vikings

    This was an odd pick but if he can return punts or kicks and O smith can do the other and both be back ups on RB we are set. That gives us lots of options when the contracts run out on O smith and Bennet. I would love to keep them all but more then likely we will lose one by trade or contract and put all our eggs in one basket and this pick will help that out.

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