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    Re: Monday night guess..

    Fav-ray-31 times

    Moss- 7 times.
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

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    Re: Favre snarlings contest!

    "vegasvike" wrote:
    64? Are you joking? Madden will be saying Favre's name like the smurfs says smurf. example:

    Madden: this is Favre night Football and on this Favretastic night we see a Favrey team take on a team who has Favred the past two Favres in the past two Favres! Hey Al! I would be glad to Favre you if you Favre me!!

    I predict that he will say Favre so much I will have to mute my tv by the 2nd qtr.

    It won't take me that long ... already planning on muting the TV and playing the broadcast of the game off the computer through my stereo. I dont watch Monday night games unless it's the Vikes ..... ONLY CAUSE OF MADDEN !!!

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    Re: Monday night guess..

    "DemonicViking" wrote:
    Michaels- Randy Moss: 3 times
    Madden- Randy Moss: 4 times

    Michales- Brett Favre: 85 times
    Madden- Brett Favre: 225 times.

    Madden: Favre is just having too much fun out there to call it a career, he'll be back and it'll be a pleasure to watch the man play football again, that's for darn sure.
    LMFAO!!!! :laughing3:

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    Re: Monday night guess..

    Moss: 14 (Madden 9, Michaels 5)
    Favre: 42 (Madden 29, Michaels 13)

    Someone seriously needs to track this. What about sideline reporters:

    I'd say they say Favre 5 times, Moss 2 times.

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    Re: Monday night guess..

    What?? they aren't going to have a half hr pre-game special of the life of Brett Favre, his trials and tribulations. :roll: I was really looking forward to that. In fact they could just re-run the one they did from the playoff game last year. ukeright:


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    Re: Monday night guess..

    I don't expect Madeden or Michaels to talk about the game. They will only talk about Moss and Favre. Favre will get 75% of the discussion. What would these two talk about if Favre gets injured?

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