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    Monday Night Football on ESPN. Graded by Mr. Anderson

    I watched the ESPN Debut of Monday Night Football... it was terrible.

    Penalties, celebrities, replays, the scoreboard, hometown refs and announcers, as well as female sideline reporters are all on my list, and I'm not happy.

    I will argue to no end if I dont get confirmation of a penalty, it makes me INSANE to see Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Snyder, and Jamie Foxx after every single play instead of a penalty replay. Prove to me that it's a hold, tell me what made it an illegal formation, show me a block in the back, and for christ's sake, HOW CAN YOU NOT SHOW A REPLAY ON UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT?!

    I also think there was a lot of hometown calls, there was only 1 penalty against the Skins in the first half, defensive holding on a pass to Wiggins.And there WAS a replay for that. I counted 3 other missed penalty calls that were very easy to see, one on the first Randel El punt return, a clear holding on a portis run, and a block in the back on a kickoff, but none were called. I know there are plenty of missed calls in the NFL, but if the refs are good enough to spot every single penalty against the Vikings, they can spot more than one obvious one against the Redskins.

    I thought the scoreboard was too large, and too high off the bottom of the screen. The celebrity problem I already discussed, but another part of that, is the fact that they can postpone a commercial break while Jamie Foxx is in the boxx
    :P , but have to go to commercial before and after every kick. Going to the Female Sidline reporters really pissed me off too, they did it far too often, and at times it seemed so forced. The announcers, Kornheiser and Theismann specifically were totally bias, Korny lived in Washington most of his life working as a writer, and Theismann played for the Skins, you could clearly tell who they were rooting for, and it was really annoying.

    Speaking of annoying, Tony Kornheiser's jokes, 95% of them were terribly unfunny, most of them were about how old Brad Johnson is, or about Wiggins hurdling someone. He had one funny joke, which may have pissed some people off, but it was pretty funny, it was when he was talking about Cruise and Snyder as business partners, and how they should make a Mission Impossible the Ride at Six Flags, he went on to say "Maybe they can make Rain Man ride, but that might be too slow for some people." That was quite funny IMO, but he later had to bring up the "Love Boat", God forbid we can go one game without hearing about that, I was pretty sure that was all water under the bridge now, but apparently not.

    The 10 minute mini movie intro w/ Michael Huff, and LT, and a few other raiders and Vikes was absolutely stupid and unnecessary. They then did the MNF opening song, 15 minutes of intro, leading directly to kickoff is ridiculous.
    However, the Halftime show was very good, I especially liked what I heard out of John Gruden, Ricky Waters, and Tiki Barber.

    Overall I give the ESPN MNF broadcast a grade of D, and that is only because of the halftime show.

    ESPN sure is lucky the Vikings won that game, if they hadn't this grade would have been a lot lower, and I would have pointed out NO positive aspects, kind of like they do when they analyze the Vikings team.

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    Re: Monday Night Football on ESPN. Graded by Mr. Anderson

    They call him Mister Anderson!!!

    Way to take it to the rack, Mr. A!!!!

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    Re: Monday Night Football on ESPN. Graded by Mr. Anderson

    I couldnt agree more with your statements of how professional journalists had a biased slant all game and the star cameo's throughout the game were at best annoying.
    Why they couldnt save all that crap for the snooze fest of a second game I will never know.

    Kornheiser, Theisman, and Tirico are not even close to the old MNF game crews.
    I would even rather listen to Dan Dierdorf or Bill Maas than those idiots (and I cannot stand Dierdorf or Maas).

    I will add that although NBC has Madden and Michaels their coverage is sub-par as well.
    IN the Sunday night game you couldnt even hear them down near the field cuz the music was so loud in Pittsburgh.
    It was all worth it to watch those 2 Culpepper picks to seal the game though.

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    Re: Monday Night Football on ESPN. Graded by Mr. Anderson

    Tell us how you really feel.

    Kornheiser is never funny IMO and he knows nothing about football.
    About Wiggy hurdling, he's done that several times in the past and has usually gained more yardage.
    However, jumping with 2 other Skins there maybe not so smart.

    Theisman actually (for the first time) made sense when he was talking.

    The love boat incident will never be dropped until we make the playoffs again.

    I agree with you on the penalty calls.
    I never saw any illegal contact on that Redskin running play when the ball was fumbled out of bounds.
    I also cannot understand why Brunnel wasn't called at least once if not twice for intentional grounding.
    I mean what is meant by inside the tackle box?
    It didn't look like he went anywhere but straight back.

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    Re: Monday Night Football on ESPN. Graded by Mr. Anderson

    I couldn't agree more.
    There were several moments where I wanted to scream at my tv.
    The entire Jamie Foxx segment was frustrating.

    I am so glad that game is over and we came out with a win.
    Now we can move on with the season, and watch real coverage.
    If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bs.

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    Re: Monday Night Football on ESPN. Graded by Mr. Anderson

    I know what you mean, I hate the new crew.
    I hated Madden too, but I actually liked Al Michaels, most of the time he just talked about foortball, and he never took sides.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Monday Night Football on ESPN. Graded by Mr. Anderson

    I muted it, and listened to the play-by-play on the radio. There was a slight delay, but it was better than those dweebs.

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    Re: Monday Night Football on ESPN. Graded by Mr. Anderson

    mr anderson, you hit the nail on the head.
    MNF on ESPN is a sportsmans disaster...not near enough replays and way to much focus/attention on some idiotic celebrities.

    WE WON!!
    Was it just me or did others see the defense actually following a play through, make the extra effort and get the a shoe string, knee, shirt or whatever the got to grab.....haven't seen that for a while by the Vikes D.

    ANd, no one was dragging their ass in the 4th Q!!
    A little conditoning for once..


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    Re: Monday Night Football on ESPN. Graded by Mr. Anderson

    I agree with most of your comments.

    However, I thought the 1st Taylor personal foul penalty (hitting defenseless WR) was a little harsh when Greg Blue nailed an outstretched Washington WR on the sidelines as the ball flew way over the WRs head in the final drive. If that got flagged we would have lost the game. So, bad calls went both ways.

    I wasn't paying too much attention to the commentary but one from Kornhesier was a classic. It was referring to the botched hold attempt. The line was something like "Wow, Chris didn't have a Kluwe". That just cracked me up.
    Halo 4. Start another fight.

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    Re: Monday Night Football on ESPN. Graded by Mr. Anderson

    .not near enough replays and way to much focus/attention on some idiotic celebrities.
    the emphasis on "idiotic celebrities" was mainly because of the owners interactino with them, and their supposed movie deal coming up, it wont always be like that - thank god

    i had a friend over and i told him the only thign that would get me to change the channel, or at least mute it is if they brought tom cruise into the commentators box

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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