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    Quote Originally Posted by kevoncox View Post
    THe problem with Carr is the problem with Ponder. Pressure. Under duress he regresses to a mess of a Qb. We need someone who is cool under pressure.
    Agree 100%. Just watched his bowl game vs. USC. I honestly think they might as well hand the reigns back over to Ponder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarkenton10 View Post
    I know, do you trade up or get a stud D player
    Im not sue about trading up, I say we get a stud def. guy @ 8, if the top 3 QB's are gone, and look for a QB with our 2nd pick

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    If all 3 of the top QB's are taken before we pick, then take BPA at a position of need. Don't trade up..

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    Mock's Have Us Taking Carr

    If all 3 of the top QB's are gone then we draft a defense player like a DE, LB, CB, and we need another SS, then they could trade wit somebody in 1st round to draft Carr
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    i'd have no problem taking carr at #8 if the coaching staff think he's the guy. we need a qb, period. there are no guarantees when you take one early, it's risky. everyone seems gun shy after the ponder debacle, the claims of a "reach" drive me crazy. all draft picks are a "reach" nobody has a crystal ball. gabbert and locker both went ahead of ponder, they both suck as well, were they "reaches" ? pick a guy, try him, if he doesn't work, kick him to the curb and try again. we won't win anything until we find "the guy".

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    Mock's Have Us Taking Carr

    I think the QB ordering has a lot of shuffling between now and draft time. You'll also probably find very little consistency between one team and another on how they rank them.

    I listened to a break down from Greg Cossel recently on some sports talk show. He was specifically looking at what the Texans should do with the #1 pick.

    He looked at a lot of tape on Bridgewater and Manziel and had quite a few red flags on both of them. With Manziel he criticized him primarily for never running set plays, he was mostly just and adlib guy, that plays on instincts and has a knack for making plays. He questions this at the NFL level on a consistent basis...Wilson is a decent comparison, which isn't all bad.

    On Bridgewater, he said that during the combine he'll probably measure in closer to 6-1 vs his reported 6-3. This is a big deal for his style of play if it is true. Liked his short to mid range passing game and his consistency, but doesn't see a lot of physical talent usually required for a top 10 pick in the draft.

    He thinks both of these guys have a decent chance at being good NFL QB's but are better classified in the 7-15 range of the first round.

    Clowney is the only consensus #1 pick talent in the draft. With a lot of risk attached.

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