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    Minnesota's QB attempts to start new streak

    [size=13pt]Minnesota's QB attempts to start new streak[/size]

    By Eric Krupka on September 20, 2006 12:52 AM

    It had been a long time between interceptions for Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brad Johnson. So long that you have to go back four games and a quarter before his last mishap or, to be exact, an unbelievable 256 minutes and 29 seconds of game time -- until Sunday, that is.

    The usually efficient Johnson wasn't on top of his game against the Panthers, but he wasn't horrible, either. He completed 19-of-31 passes for 243 yards with no touchdowns, and surprisingly an interception. However, the stat line doesn't tell the whole story.

    Just watching the constant pressure put on Johnson by the Panthers' front four, most notably, Julius Peppers, made it painfully obvious that it would be a long day for the Vikings' offense. The All-Pro defensive end manhandled right tackle Marcus Johnson all day, racking up three sacks, numerous quarterback hurries, eight tackles and blocked a field goal attempt.

    It should be noted that the Vikings' right tackle was essentially left out to dry as he had literally no help from tight ends or running backs to chip Peppers at the line to slow him down. Head coach Brad Childress admitted after the game that he should have done something to help out the tackle.

    You think, coach? Of course, the man in charge has pushed all the right buttons, and been nearly flawless in his decision making, so this mistake can certainly slide, especially when you consider his team won the game. However, had Peppers seriously injured the Vikings' signal caller because of the lack of help blocking him, the ramifications would be large in Minnesota. Luckily for the team, nothing of the sort occurred.

    It's no wonder that Johnson had a rough game, at least for his standards. The yardage was there, the completion percentage was solid (61.2 percent), but the turnover was uncharacteristic of the normally careful, mistake-free field general.

    Also, consider that the errant pass was the first play of a drive that started nearly at midfield (Vikings 49-yard line), with the team only trailing by seven points, and it's something not expected of the 14-year veteran. Still, he never got flustered, even with Peppers hanging all over him in overtime, as Johnson, despite being dragged down, completed a 30-yard pass to Troy Williamson.

    This Sunday, the steady veteran will attempt to begin a new errorless streak against the adept defense of the Chicago Bears . Expect the 38-year-old to be his normal self and protect the ball. If he doesn't, though, the Vikings could be staring at their first defeat of the 2006 season.

    -Eric Krupka can be reached at [email protected]

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    Re: Minnesota's QB attempts to start new streak

    Nice article. i really wouldn't know why we can't win this game
    we got some chances against their D if they can slip a touchdown here and there
    Grossman had 2 good games, but the packers and lions secondary stinks
    i think it won't be a close game i say we beat them with + 7 points
    Rosie O'Donnell is a dude!

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    Re: Minnesota's QB attempts to start new streak

    i agree, its going to be a very good game and with us coming out on top, the bears have not really faced a good team this year at all, i am sure the coaches have been working on what to do with the bears defense, as far as thier offense, if we would of played the lions and packers in our first two games, brad would be one the highest rated QB's right now too, groosman is very over rated and brad is very under rated, but thats ok, we will show them

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    Re: Minnesota's QB attempts to start new streak

    Two of Peppers sacks he wasn't even blocked. The one that pushed us from like the 25 back to the 50 or so was a screen pass where no one hit him at all.

    Brads int was just a bad pass. He throws them from time to time, everyone does.

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    Re: Minnesota's QB attempts to start new streak

    I'd have to re-watch the replay closely, but Peppers lined up all over the place, on both sides.
    It wasn't always Marcus Johnson getting beat for the sack.
    I know McKinnie gave up at least one of them.
    On the interception, Johnson never looked off the defender, he telegraphed where and who he was throwing to.
    Still, a good stretch by Brad...almost five full games.

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