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    Minnesota vs New England: a draft day battle

    by Bill Barnwell at

    Minnesota acquires the 29th overall pick from New England for the 52nd, 83rd, 102nd, and 229th picks.
    Quantitative winner: New England (59.5 percent more in return)
    Real-life winner: New England

    Note the dramatic gulf between what Stuart's model thought of the difference in value across the first four trades and what it thought of this one. The Patriots, simply put, took the Vikings to the cleaners. It's incredible that Bill Belichick seems to pull this off every year, but it's even more impressive in this draft. Chase's model estimates, historically, that the 29th overall pick has delivered about 40 percent more value than the 52nd overall pick during their first five seasons in the league. That's really not that much, and in a flat draft like this year's, it's undoubtedly a smaller figure, probably closer to 10 percent or so. For that tiny chance of getting a better player, the Vikings gave up third- and fourth-round picks that could end up producing valuable contributors.
    Bill Barnwell on day one of the NFL draft - Grantland

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    Can't argue with his logic and numbers. But, he's basing it on a generic, NFL wide plane.

    The Vikings valued CP more than he was valued NFL-wide. New England valued all those picks. It worked out well for both, right now on paper. But the only, true way to 'battle' this trade is few years down the road.
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    Stupid author doesn't realize what value the Vikings got with the Patriots' 29 overall draft pick. Cordarelle Patterson was the best wideout on many experts' boards. I personally was very sure that Patterson would be off the board before the 23rd pick - Vikings first pick.

    Which two 1st round players fell the most in comparison to what was projected? In my opinion, Vikings got them BOTH. 1. Sharrif Floyd, and 2. Cordarelle Patterson.


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