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    Minnesota Vikings VS Detroit Lions

    Out of everyone in the NFC North, these guys are the ones that worry the hell out of me.

    What do you guys think.

    Vikings ripped through the Falcons with the Run and even a little bit of passing!

    The Defense looks like a number one Defense, I think we'll do better than the Bears.

    And of course... The Lions

    They shredded the Oakland defense using the passing game, but they have no Defense to speak of.

    *We lead the NFC North btw lol

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    Re: Minnesota Vikings VS Detroit Lions

    for the division in week 2. fun
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Minnesota Vikings VS Detroit Lions

    Umm..If you didnt know the Raiders actually have one of the better defenses in the league. All the blame for there season last year should go to there horrific offense. I actually think this is gonna be a tough game. There is no way they will be able to run on us so i bet the chuck up the ball 40-50 times. We will get at least 3 INT's we just cant give up the big plays. Our offense should score 30pts...AD will have another great game. The whole key to this game is forcing turnovers and doing something positive with them.

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    Re: Minnesota Vikings VS Detroit Lions

    Bro, this is already an ongoing topic.

    [size=13pt]the lions are next do they scare you?[/size]

    Read your PM's please and respond

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