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    Minnesota Vikings stadium proposal

    Posted: 3/21/06

    [size=18px]Minnesota Vikings stadium proposal[/size]

    by T.W. Budig
    ECM capitol reporter

    Minnesota Vikings Stadium Proposal

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    Re: Minnesota Vikings stadium proposal

    Good article. Seems like a lot of political spew, but I am hoping it will get done. Its funny that the long term economic impact is not considered very much.

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    Re: Minnesota Vikings stadium proposal

    Ya know, after reading that article three times I stil don't know what exactly it is trying to say. But this came through loud and clear -- POLITICIANS ARE WIMPS! Everyone in that story was trying to pass the buck so they wouldn't catch any flack. I'm becoming more and more convinced that Minnesota State House members are more interested in getting re-elected than in trying to do anything positive for the state.
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