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Im wondering why people think Longwell has a problem?

If you watch anymore football you will see there really aren't that many touchbacks

He does get the ball to the endzone or 5 yard like quite a bit

And more times then not we stop them around the 20.. Basically the same as a touchback

He actually had one of his better years in terms of kick offs. And if memory serves me correctly also a career high completion pct. on FGs, and also had no missed XPs

One of the reasons for that, according to himself, is changed exercise methods. But I think also, the presence of a camp leg is important.
Imagine how many more years he can kick FG's if he isn't kicking off.
As long as he takes care of his body, I don't think it'll impact the duration that much. The camp leg effects the wear over the course of the season. Until he can regain strength in the offseason.

I'd rather have a young kicker at the point where he can't handle the KO duties. That is the way this is. I'm not a fan of having more specialist on the 45.

The only other solution is having a punter that can also kick off. Like Koenen in Atlanta.