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    Re: Minnesota Vikings movements

    winfield is better at stopping the run than fred smoot, but fred is bigger and can cover receivers better than winfield.
    the 5'11 200 pounds gives him a better chance than 5'9 180 pounds at covering receivers.

    Remember when driver was killing us last year until we put smoot on him in the 2nd half of the game? he had like 1 catch for 3 yards after that.

    everyone picks on smoot for most part on the love boat issue, but he has been solid in every game this year except for the peerless price td where he didnt even try to tackle him.

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    Re: Minnesota Vikings movements

    "PurplePride80" wrote:
    "Webby" wrote:
    "antoniopierce58" wrote:
    cut fred smoot lmfao,

    our best cover corner?

    the 3rd best corner in our division?

    I think not.

    Not that I am arguing the general point, but isn't Winfield considered better than Smoot?

    Yes, Winfield is better than cornerback than Smoot. (because he's more complete)

    But, Smoot is a better cover cornerback.
    I won't argue it other than to say if giving a 7 yard cushion every play and then getting help from safety makes him better at coverage, then so be it.
    I don't make the rules.

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    Re: Minnesota Vikings movements

    "Gift" wrote:
    Hutchinson & mcKinnie gave up a sacks, CUT THEM NOW!!!

    Our DC gave up 2 touchdowns, FIRE HIM!!

    The Dome makes injured people walk up steps, BURN IT DOWN!!!!
    also, Billy McMullen only scored 2 tds today, when he should have had atleast 17. he was slacking! BENCH HIM!
    "God has blessed me tremendously. I'd be a fool to complain."
    "From what I understand, the coaches will put the best 11 on the field."
    -Tyrell Johnson

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