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    Re: The Minnesota Vikings Have A Difficult Road Ahead

    Decent article, funny thing is he got the hard part right and the easy part wrong.

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    Re: The Minnesota Vikings Have A Difficult Road Ahead

    I think he made some interesting comments, but a few things he missed. 1. Team chemistry- Should be greatly improved after getting rid of alot of the problems and instilling the attitude that everyone will be treated equal.
    2. We have improved at every position except QB and maybe WR.
    3. Our offensive line should be very solid if not exceptional which will keep our offensive on the field and are defensive rested.
    4. Have the other teams in the NFC improved more than us. I don't think so

    Our we SB contenders? I don't think were there yet, but it looks like we have a very solid base. Wars are won in the trenches and I would go to war against anybody with what we have. We have some holes to fill and some others have something to prove but I feel this team is greatly improved over last year. Everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it's wrong.

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    Re: The Minnesota Vikings Have A Difficult Road Ahead

    "Big C" wrote:
    I am expecting a solid 9-7 season from the Vikes this year. Despite all the negatives this reporter points out, here are the positives from my perspective:

    1. We actually have an Offensive Coordinator.
    2. We don't have Ted Cottrell anymore.
    3. Childress seems marginally better than Tice so far.
    4. Solid O-Line with quality depth.
    5. Finally someone who can play #1 WR.
    6. Studwell and Rob B have contract extensions.
    7. Fran Foley is gone. We never should have taken him in the first place, but hell we did, learnt our lesson, and fired his jiggly butt.

    Even though the coaching staff has no measurable experience, I have a HELL of a lot more confidence than the lot we had last year. No doubts about it.

    My biggest concern is depth behind Brad. But once I put my purple shades on that concern goes away :grin:.
    Sorry, but I'm not sold on your first statement at all.

    Derrick Bevell was only a QB coach at GB.

    He was only as good as Brett Favre was & has a lot to prove to me as an offensive coordinator.

    There is a big difference in being a QB coach & being an offensive coordinator & until he proves to me otherwise, I don't think he was a good choice for that coaching position.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: The Minnesota Vikings Have A Difficult Road Ahead

    There are just way too many question marks to think we are the best team in the NFC North right now. A playoff team returning 21 starters is going to gather more respect than a team who barely missed the playoffs, traded away their franchise QB, and let one of their top WRs go.

    I do believe we are better, but the new look Vikings haven't proved anything yet. We have at least 7 new starters and a relatively inexperienced coaching staff. If you don't have purple glasses on that doesn't look too sweet.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: The Minnesota Vikings Have A Difficult Road Ahead

    "VikingNed" wrote:
    I think, just like our new uniforms, we will come out of camp with a new and determined look and way of play......

    I just have this gut feeling the league is going to notice us and look at us with wide eyes and fear...

    Thats right, FEAR.....This is a whole new ball game for us this year, and we will dominate.......Trust Me
    Seems like New Unis or New Stadiums help a teams phyche a bit when they come out on the field. It is kind of like confession or the knowing that you have a clean slate and you can now go out and Kick Butt or Smell Like Butt. We will see how the Vikes do on the field in due time, will it be Kick or Smell?

    Good thing is, we aren't getting both a Stadium and Unis in the same year!

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    I think that our focus on building strong offensive and defensive lines will serve us well as the season wears on...just look at the one great season that Bennett was because our OL was kicking butts and taking reason to think that both Chester and MeMo (both of whom have way better vision than Bennett) won't be able to get the same kind of yardage if not more next season. Brad will be just fine behind that OL as well. On DEFENSE, if we can resolve the situation in the middle *cough* Donnie Edwards *cough*, we will be just fine as shortage of LBs to play the outside positions! If our DBs can cover the WRs for a long enough time, our DL will eventually get to the QB and sack him or they will force the QBs into making poor throws which will get picked off.
    Good point about the Lines! I think that is where Childress said he was going to make sure were solid this year. He said it from day one. Looks like we will be fine. I think the OL is more solid than the DL. The DL is going to need to be healthy the whole season this year.

    BTW, I did get a chance to go back and read the article, and what sticks out at me is it is difficult to bet on something that you know nothing about. We have had so many changes the last 2 years, there isn't a lot to hang your hat on. When we had Moss and DC, the reporters were sticking their necks out for us and we chopped them off. Now, there is no real cornerstone to build on and without a vision into the future, it would be difficult to see us doing well.

    Childress I think is the cornerstone. A solid leader will have to "stay the course" so to speak and not waiver. Tice was all over the place and provided no consistancy. Stick with what you believe until the players don't believe in you and you get fired.

    This season comes down to the coaches and how well of a job they can do. This is the one year that it matters the most that the coaches Bat .1000 or win the chess matches.

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