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    Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders...Be prepared for 2006 Survivor!

    With the season fast approaching, many of remember last season and the First year of the MVC Survivor Contest where we vote for our favorite gals in purple who help us cheer on our Vikings every game.
    Well, is helping us get ready (and they don't even know it) with their MVC of the Week bios at:

    If you check them out for the new ones so far this season, you will get a little deeper glimpse into each girl that is selected so you can make the more educated choices in who you would like to vote for and see move on each week throughout the season.

    We WILL be doing the contst again this year.
    It will be a little different as far as voting goes but with one year under our belt and the success it was we can't just let it die on the vine.
    Get people you know ready now and stay on the lookout for updates on the contest.
    As we release things about it you will have to be on the ball to get your votes and such in or your lady may be gone the following week.
    Start studying up and campaigning now.

    Until next time, I;ll see you on the sidelines!

    Gene Ramsay
    AKA - AlabamaViking
    Gene Ramsay
    AKA - AlabamaViking
    I'll see you on the field!
    #1 Vikings FAN in Alabama!

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    Re: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders...Be prepared for 2006 Survivor!

    right on man. i loved voting every week. my girl, steph, was the winner so i could see that my votes were helping.
    We're bringing purple back.

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