Well now, week 11 was an extremely tight race among the top 4 Vikings Cheerleaders that are YOUR favorites, as voted on by you to this point. The voting intensified and the voters came out of the woodwork this week as we added about 50+ more emails to our list of direct voters and we even got some in from the tailgating...KEEP THAT UP!

We will have 3 girls go on from here and each one of them is STRONG in the voting. I am going to break it down for you again this week so you know how you might vote this next week. However, we must say "goodbye" to a young lady who has been consistently good week in and week out in the voters' minds and has some of the best Vikings Cheerleader pics on vikings.com. She put up a great fight but her support must be taking Christmas vacation early and her ad campaign may have been delayed. each week counts, but unfortunately she will not be going on...

D7 - Rachel.

Rachel, thank you so much for being a Vikings Cheerleader and for all you do to help us all cheer on our Vikings each and every home game. Thanks for all you do in the community and the people you impact in your life personally and through being a Vikings cheerleader. Remember, we love you and all the girls on the squad because you all proudly wear the purple and you are a part of "the family" that is Vikings fans.

Now, as we go on remember:

- Send friends who may not get this email to: vikingsfanatic69.com to explain how to vote and to see a chart for the remaining ladies. Remember, it is under the "Interviews and Columns" section.

- You must email your votes (or group of votes if you run your own side contest) to [email protected] You get ONE VOTE PER LADY PER EMAIL ADDRESS.

- Deadline for WEEK 11 will be December 23rd at 11:59PM. Get those votes in early and donlt let a little thing like a party of Christmas gathering get in the way of getting your girl to stay in it. In fact, make the voting a part of your get together and send your girl over the top.

This thing is fired up and the guys at purplepride.org are already getting the contest prize prepared and we are working on getting a time to present it to the lucky young lady that YOU vote as your favorite Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader in the 2005 Survivor Contest. I sure wish I was close enough to make it there for that...feel free to send funds if you feel sorry for me (just kidding).

Our remaining girls are:

C1 - Katie - This rookie posted the most votes in week 10 with 33% of the voting. Her strong showing each and every week comes from friends and family and the campaign trial is HOT for this girl to take it in her first year as a Vikings Cheerleader. The other 2 girls will have to really get the bandwagon going to keep them in the running because it will be hard to knock her off of the solid showing she has made these past few weeks.

C5 - Laura - This veteran is gaining more and more popularity as the Vikings fans get more accustomed to the voting procedures. Most of the new voters this last week had he as their number one gal. They see her face at the games and all over the place in various functions, so familiarity seems to have added an extra boost to her voting. She got 28% of the vote this past week, but THAT WAS A TIE FOR THE SECOND SPOT WITH...

E4 - Stephanie - Stephanie also got 28% of the voters in another strong week for her. The best thing Stephanie has going for her is if there is another tie break, her past support will get it for her. That may not be enough as the voting has come down to one vote costing some young lady almost every week. Stephanie's family has been her most solid group of voters, but with the ONE VOTE PER EMAIL rule, they will have to start getting some more help from outside the group to make this happen for her to continue.

The spreadsheet is attached (as if you needed it) so feel free to print it out and run your side contests and then get me your votes. Come on people, you have a MALL the size of a small country. Get the sheet, stop people and get their take. Make it fun as we are now down to the TOP 3 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders in the 2005 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Survivor Contest.

Until next week, I'll see you on the sidelines!

Gene Ramsay
AKA - AlabamaViking