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    Re:Minnesota Vikings 50th Season Celebration

    NodakPaul wrote:
    AngloVike wrote:
    NodakPaul wrote:

    Is this instead of the draft party?
    Take this for what it is worth - This is per some of the people at, but I believe it to be credible.

    Because of the first round of the draft being on a Thursday, it appears that there won't be a draft party at winter park that day. Supposedly there will be several "official" draft parties around the metro area, and then this 50th anniversary celebration in the MOA on Saturday.

    Personally, I think it sucks, and if/when this is officially announced, I intend on sharing my frustration with Winter Park.
    I'd put this more on the NFL than the Vikings, guess they feel that people wouldn't want to hang around til later in the evening for their pick. Whereas the old style draft party was more of an all day event but the NFL screwed that up with their eternal drive for milking every event for what it's worth.
    I agree that the NFL screwed up BIG time by making this a Thursday night event, but it doesn't mean that the Vikings have to completely back out of the draft party. Is there some law I don't know about that prevents people from gathering and drinking on a Thursday night?

    I know, it probably wouldn't have drawn as big of a crowd, and the sensible part of me knows that the Vikings marketing department looked at the numbers and likely realized that it simply wouldn't be profitable.. but come ON!

    I hate to be "that guy", but as a season ticket holder, I don't want to go to a big public celebration at the MOA where everybody and their freaking neighbor who happens to be at the mall can attend. There was something special about being a part of the day, a part of the atmosphere. When I tell people I am driving 4+ hours to go watch the NFL draft live from the Vikings headquarters, most people think that is pretty bad ass. Driving 4+ hours to stand in line for autographs with 25k other idiots at the mall of america? Most people think that is pretty pathetic.
    I feel your frustration. All in all this new format makes the draft less interesting.

    Already it were tough to get anxious to watch day two, but hey it were only later round picks. Now not only do I have to worry about what I'm doing for 3 days, I also know that there will be plenty of good players to look for on that 2nd day.

    Also a thursday night - late here in Europe - almost makes it impossible for me to watch. So most likely I'll be opting out of an event I had gotten the hang of following.

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    Re:Minnesota Vikings 50th Season Celebration

    I don't like the new format at all, mostly cause it ties up my weeknights instead of my weekend.

    On a side note, it should make for some interesting story lines though as the breaks will allow teams the luxury of readjusting to what happened on the previous day and should make thier drafting efforts a bit more successfull.

    Heck, some even believe we will see more movement up and down the boards as teams have more time to figure out plans to target specific players.
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    Re:Minnesota Vikings 50th Season Celebration

    Didn't see a new topic dedicated to the upcoming event, but seems like it could still fit into this one. Is anyone going to the 50th season celebration at the convention center on December 19?

    Minnesota Vikings: Celebrating 50 Seasons

    Join us in an evening celebrating the stories, the heroes, and the moments that defined a football team and created a shared Minnesota passion. As a Minnesota Vikings Season Ticket Owner, we would like to provide you with an exclusive pre-sale opportunity to purchase your tickets for Minnesota Vikings: Celebrating 50 Seasons. Watch as the 50 Greatest Vikings are unveiled and recognized live on stage at the Minneapolis Convention Center and Vikings contributors throughout the 50 year history are honored.

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