Got this in the mail from the Vikings today (ahhhh - the beauty of being a season-ticket holder!)

At the top of the package it says "Collector's Edition". The front cover features the following players:
Favre, AD, Jared, Sid Rice, someone I'm not sure who it is but it might be Chester, Shank, Percy, Hutch, Greenway, Phat Pat and KWill.

The inside pulls out to reveal the DVD with a cool picture of the team (in road whites) coming out of a tunnel with Sid Rice being the only one helmetless and a great picture of AD in a Heisman-esque pose on the right.

DVD has six features:
1. 2009 Season Highlights
2. 2009 in the Community
3. Wired: Brett Favre
4. Wired: Jared Allen
5. Percy Harvin R.O.Y. Highlights
6. Playoff Win Highlights vs. Dallas

Gonna watch it now!