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    Re: Minnesota Legislature = Cheap!

    Little side note on this whole subject:

    * For those who wondered why the Vikings would be talking a retractable roof stadium when Zygi Wilf had never entertained that thought before, VU has been told the roof was a compromise between the two sides. Wilf said he favored an open-air stadium, but Anoka County officials want a facility that can be used year-round. The option of a roof was viewed as compromise for both sides.

    Looks like Wilfi wanted to go a little cheaper after all, but Anoka county talked him into the retracable roof. Ineresting???

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    Re: Minnesota Legislature = Cheap!

    Those in the Minnesota Legislature that oppose the Vikes Stadium are basically just mad that it's not their idea. They won't get any credit for it. Never mind that it expands and grows the economy. A facility like the proposed stadium and surrounding businesses would be a huge boost and create lots of new tax revenue. The Twin Cities area is growing fast, and I have no problem helping fund all three stadiums to show that we are on the move. How many new business will come to the area, and how many existing ones will expand? New jobs? I think this is a WIN WIN WIN for everyone....unless you're a hockey fan..... :lol:

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    Re: Minnesota Legislature = Cheap!

    How many Vike fans are there in the world? Can donations be given? Maybe they can send a brick from the old building to the fans that donate. I mean every little bit may help.

    Because it sounds like Minnesota isn't going to pass anything to approve a tax increase. Someone told me before that part of the problem is when they do the tax increase it stays in place even after the stadiums are built.

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