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    Quote Originally Posted by Minniman View Post
    Ponder's completion stats are padded with passes in the flats and behind the LOS. Passes hitting moving targets beyond ten yards are few and far between. Most passes over ten yards are on comeback routes that receivers do not even come back to the quarterback on.
    How many routes are ran other than those?

    When Percy was on the field, and our best WR, those were the routes he is best suited to run.

    I mean seriously, that's like saying Brady's stats are padded with all those passes to Welker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    I wasn't comparing Brady andn Peyton. Like the post on Jackson (were you thought I was talking about TJ) you missed the point.

    Yes you were.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    20 throws difference between Brady and Peyton. 20 throws. Not that big of a difference considering our RB.
    Your quote, not mine.


    There is 80 attempts difference between Brady & Ponder
    There is 100 attempts difference between Peyton & Ponder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by i_bleed_purple View Post
    I think Jennings would be a better sign than Wallace.

    Wallace needs a guy to throw the ball out there and let him run under it, Ponder doesn't have the arm for that. Jennings, although not a big guy, can run all the routes and is a good all-around player.

    Wallace would be nice. How about some other players on teams that might be looking to get draft picks for players as they gut their coaching staffs and front offices....

    Iggles (Jackson)
    Cards (Fitz)
    SD (Floy)
    Ugh.. Jackson, talk about puke. Get rid of one injury prone small receiver for one even more injury prone and not as good? No thanks

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    This offseason better be a good one. I would love to see us sign Harvin for his services and then make a trade to Arizona for Fitz, I would rather eat Larry's contract then blow the bank for a guy like Wallace.

    We got extra money now that Chilly isn't on the books!

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