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    Mike Tice talks: Ticket scalping and the boat party

    From the Star Tribune'

    [size=18px]Mike Tice talks: Ticket scalping and the boat party[/size]

    Last update: December 24, 2005 at 6:34 PM


    The skinny: Tice admitted to scalping 12 Super Bowl tickets and was fined $100,000. When allegations surfaced of an Oct. 6 sex party organized by players, some observers suggested the ticket scandal engendered a lack of discipline.

    Verbatim: I made a mistake. I broke a rule. When I was asked in a private meeting with investigators, I told the truth. Because of a leak, it got out, and I paid a dear fine for it.

    Probably the embarrassment I caused my family and the organization was a tougher punishment than the $100,000. You can always make more money. But embarrassing your children and your wife and your mother, it's hard to get over. Then it got brought up that the reason the players went on the boat is because I sold my Super Bowl tickets. Tom Jackson [of ESPN] brought that up, and I happened to see it on TV, and that bothered me a lot. To this day it bothers me.

    I have an extensive fine sheet for players. They can't wear hats. They've got to bus their silverware in the cafeteria. They can't talk on cell phones. They have a dress code. I have officials at practice to help them with penalties.

    I have discipline in the building and on the field, and then players go out and make a social mistake -- allegedly, because these are still just charges -- and it's my fault? I'm the bum? I think that's the biggest insult to me that I can remember since I've been a head coach.

    The lesson I learned is that I stood up as a man. I told the truth. I paid a dear penalty, and now I'm able to use that to talk to guys that make a mistake. But no, it was taken that I'm a low-life son of a gun, and that's just a shame.

    One of the greatest things that happened to me was the other day. I taped a show for [ESPN's] Stephen A. Smith, and he apologized to me on national TV for calling for my head. It was a compliment to me. He said, 'I called for your head and I was wrong. You proved to me that you can coach.' That meant a lot to me. That was a national guy, on a national show, that realized maybe he jumped to judgment of Mike Tice. Because you know what? People that aren't here every day don't know Mike Tice.


    The skinny: Sitting at his vacation home in Seattle this summer, Tice contemplated his personal and professional life. He committed to improving his body and his mind. He still wants people to like him, but now he doesn't care if they don't.

    Verbatim: I certainly wanted to appear to look better this year. I wanted to lose a lot of weight so I didn't look like I had a beer belly. Quite frankly, I'm not a beer drinker. But I do have a big belly. So I lost 36 pounds, and I was under 280 pounds for most of the season.

    I'm balding, but there isn't anything I can do about it. I'm not going to spray that spray on my divot. So it is what it is.

    But I pray a lot more. I ask God for direction a lot more. I've tried to clean my language up. I still do a lot of stuff in the community. I've always done that. You don't win the NFL Man of the Year award four years in a row [as a player in Seattle] if you're not doing stuff in the community.

    But one thing I can't change is being honest. I will always be honest. Hopefully one day I won't be honest to a fault, but I don't know that I can promise that, either.

    I will always care for my players and be hard on my coaches. I'm probably a lot harder on my coaches than I am on my players, and at the same time, I'm probably harder on the players than I used to be. Not so much screaming and yelling, but I'm probably not as close to a lot of the players as I used to be. That just comes with experience in the job, and maturing in the job, knowing that there has to be a line that you draw. ...

    After the boat thing came down, I said to the team and the staff that I have to do and say the things that we have to do to get out of this thing. We're 2-5, and guys, I care about you. But from this point on, I don't really care if you like me and I don't really care if you like working for me.

    It's hard, because I like people so much. But if you don't do that, I think what I learned is you're not going to make the decisions you have to make to win. You're going to let too many people influence your decisions. I think because I wanted people to like me, I listened to everybody and tried to make sure that a lot of people were happy with my decisions.

    I think this year, for the first time, I made my decisions, and I didn't care if anybody liked them. That is, I think, a better way to be if you're going to be a successful coach. I like people, and Mike Tice wants people to like him. But at this point, if I'm going to be a good coach, and if I'm going to be a successful NFL coach over time, it has to be done this way.

    FROM 2-5 TO 8-6

    The skinny: With a discombobulated defense and an offense struggling to find its identity after the trade of Randy Moss, the Vikings lost five of their first seven games. Now they are 8-6 and in the thick of the NFC playoff hunt.

    Verbatim: We knew it was going to take a while for all of our free agents to get together on defense, because every single one of them had a different view of what kind of defense we were going to be running. We were in total communication disarray on defense. We were not on the same page.

    We brought in two veteran guys [Jerry Rhome and Foge Fazio] to help settle things down, to actually teach our staff, and it worked. As coaches, we had to decide what scheme we were going to run, and the players bought into it.

    I took a lot of heat for that but actually thought it was one of my better management decisions since I've been a head coach.

    I want this team to be successful and to finish this thing out. Nobody can take away a winning season from you as a coach. You can probably add up on two hands the number of teams that have winning records. If you're one of them, then that's a successful season. You might not have reached your goals. I've said publicly that we only have two, winning the division and winning the world championship.

    But you can't say you weren't a success if you're one of one or two handfuls of team that have winning records or double-digit wins. I don't think you can take anything away from that, personally.


    The skinny: Tice calmed fears about a slip in offensive production after the Moss trade, saying, "I know offense." With the Vikings ranked No. 26 among the NFL's 32 offenses, Tice defended his confidence and his schematic abilities.

    verbatim: All I was saying was that I'm an offensive coach and that's what I've always been. That's all I really meant. I laugh at people when they say I'm not an X's and O's guy. I scoff at that. If I'm not an X's and O's guy, how was I an offensive line coach [for five years]?

    The No. 1 X's and O's guy on your offensive staff is the offensive line coach. And I played quarterback [in college]. And I sit here and read these things, or I have in the past, that I'm a motivator and not a real X's and O's guy. I'm sitting here thinking, didn't I coach the line? Didn't I put four different linemen in the Pro Bowl? Didn't I coach back-to-back Pro Bowl centers?

    I taught them calls and invented new calls that people around the league have taken. That's the highest compliment a coach can ever get. So I don't see where anyone would question that.


    The skinny: Tice's contract expires in 37 days. New owner Zygi Wilf has expressed support but tabled all discussions until after the season. Tice said he deserves to be someone's head coach in 2006.

    Verbatim: The sale of the team created a lot of distractions. Not negative distractions, but just took a lot of energy to frankly deal with a new ownership group. There would be Tuesdays when we're game-planning, and we're going to seminars or retreats. There would be Friday afternoon questions about the inner workings of the football team.

    But I love Zygi and I love working for Zygi. I hope I get an opportunity to work for him next year. If that's in the cards, and if that's what God wants to happen, then it will happen. If it's not, and God doesn't want it to happen, then I'll coach somewhere.

    What level of coach will I be? Hopefully, this season has proved that it will be as a head coach. I can't see why not. There are not a lot of coaches that can say they've coached four seasons in the NFL and only have one losing season and it was the first season they coached. There are not a lot of coaches who can say they have won a playoff game.

    I'd love to coach here. These are my guys. These are my players. You watch your coaches grow, and you hope you can continue with it. The only way you can continue on with it is to be successful.

    If we finish this thing the right way, and it doesn't play out the way you want it to, then that's OK. Because you know that you had an excellent season. And there will be other people out there that are going to recognize you had an excellent season

    Kevin Seifert • [email protected]

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Mike Tice talks: Ticket scalping and the boat party

    Wow, good comments from Tice. I can't believe Stephen A. apologized to him on his show, that takes guts. It's also nice to see a guy who will take responsibility, not becase everyone else wants him to, but because he wants to. Good read.

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    Re: Mike Tice talks: Ticket scalping and the boat party

    I wish Tice could be our O-line coach next year, but that would cause too much friction.

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    Re: Mike Tice talks: Ticket scalping and the boat party

    Awesome read man....Thank you sooo much for posting that Singersp!

    I really hope thet resign Tice after this season.

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    Re: Mike Tice talks: Ticket scalping and the boat party

    i want tice to be our............................................... . o cornator!!!!!!!!! ding ding! we have a winner!

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    Re: Mike Tice talks: Ticket scalping and the boat party

    ^^^The thing about having Tice in our system yet(if does get fired) is that he might not work well with a different head coach. Some of the players will listen to him more than a new coach. I didn't really describe it good, but it's Christmas.

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    Re: Mike Tice talks: Ticket scalping and the boat party

    steven A apologized wow the world is coming to an end. and yes tice would be a great offensive line coach
    I don t buy Wisconsin cheese.

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