"i_bleed_purple" wrote:
i'd by far rather they vikings get kerry collins as backup than mcmahon. collins is at least capable of starting, wheras mcmahon is not. collins has a huge arm which would help out twill and krob alot on the deep ball. mcmahon does not have a good arm. collins is by no means good, but a hell of alot better than mcmahon, and i doubt he would ask that much money, because no one will sign him if he does. coud be something to look into.
The deep ball is not going tobe as valuable to us as in the past, so McMahon's arm strength wont be an issue. People were saying the same thing about BJ's arm last year, and all he did was QB us to a 7-2 finish.

McMahon isn't as bad as everyone is making him out to be. Coach Childress knows what he is doing, especially when it comes to QBs.