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    Re: Mid Season Report Card

    QB: D
    hard to give much better than that, because we dont know who is at fault for this teams inability to get on the scoreboard, and Brad hasnt necessarely stepped up and done anything heroic to earn a better grade

    RB: A

    none of us thought taylor would play this well up to this point, and he holds onto the ball very well..moore has made some solid plays as well to contribute from time to time..richardson is his usual self opening lanes, and catching some nice passes in key situations for first downs..when were using these guys and trying to establish them, they are doing a great job

    TE: no rating..theyve been phased out of the offense and serve no purpose other than to block, and i havent seen anything to show whether theyve been outstanding or bad at it up to this point..nothing about them sticks out

    O-Line: D
    we all expected ALOT more out of these guys..brad gets pressured alot, and many of our runs depend on second and third efforts from taylor and moore to gain good yardage..they havent really played THAT badly, but with the money were spending, they should be a ton better

    D-Line: B
    they stop the run well with the help of the LBs, but they arent getting enough pressure at times to stop QBs from finding guys in between 5-15 yards repeatedly..they are sensational against the run though

    LBs: B
    these guys havent done a terrible job in coverage, and have done a great job against the run..a pleasant suprise on this defense..they also get pressure when we sparingly call blitzes

    CBs: B
    all are playing fairly well, but have looked bad at times because of the lack of pressure up front..would like to see more INTs

    Special Teams: C
    i give a C here because Longwell has been good, and so has Kluwe, but our kick and punt coverage has looked terrible this season, leaving the other team too good of field position alot of the time..Moore has 1 explosive return, so has johnson, but other than that, nothing special

    Coach Childress: C
    he came in and talked about smashmouth football and toughness, but we havent seen that since week 2..he preached onfield discipline, which also hasnt kicked in yet..his playcalls are at times questionable, but he did beat carolina, seattle, and washington to get us off to a quick start..the team came out flat against san fran a week after getting embarrassed at home, which isnt totally his fault, but uve gotta think at least some part of that rests on his shoulders, especially after he talked about preparation when he got the job..i give him a C only because he hired Mike Tomlin who has done a fantastic job, but without that i couldnt give him more than a D

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    Re: Mid Season Report Card

    Fair grades all around IMO but I think the O-line deserves a C instead of a D; it isn't Hutch and Birk's fault that the rest of the line can't stop anything.

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    Re: Mid Season Report Card

    I am tempted to give QB an F for the last two weeks alone. I also would give Childress a D, if for no ther reason than we should not have lost to San Fran. The coach needs to instill pride and guts to avpid that loss.

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    Re: Mid Season Report Card

    I really can't say B.j deserves an F. nor does the O line deserve a D.

    a lot of the preasure is coming from lack of open WR's, why we arn't going to the TE's is strange but i gotta let the coaches deal with that.

    B.j has made some very poor decisions, but he has also led us to some game winning scoring drives. he's last few games hvae been freakishly not him. so i'll hold off giving him the failing grade until he truely fails the team.

    the O line is highly paid, and therefore will be critized based on it. the left side moves people backward, but the right is suspect and being beat a lot. Defences are keying in on this, and sending extra people left as they know the backfield TE's FB are sliding right side to help them out. that's how i've seen the left get beat.

    one of the things that was supposed to help was B.j's quick release. it's worked somewhat, but it keeps us from going long. and the dink dunk combined with C.taylors runs should work, but we seem to drop all that when we need 5 yrds and go for the big hit.. which has yet to work!!!

    i'd give the play calling at this point a c - , d+
    with hopes that it shows i'm wrong.


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: Mid Season Report Card

    If we lose to the friggin Packers at the dome it will be a big fat F-.

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