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Thread: Mick Tingelhoff

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    Re: Mick Tingelhoff

    thanks singersp, with that, i agree, he should definately be considered over, mike "i'm trying to live through TO" irvin

    Thanks to PPE for the awesome Sig.

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    Re: Mick Tingelhoff

    I agree with you all, Mick should be in the hall of fame, actually he should have been in there already. Besides all he's done in his career, which is more then some have done who are in the HOF. His name just screams HOF. material. :smile:

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    Re: Mick Tingelhoff

    The thing about Mick is he is so down to earth it's not even funny.
    He dosen't cry about not being in the HOF , like Micheal Irvin did this year. Having been in the Southern California Viking Club for many years , I've had the oppurtunity to meet him and have dinner with him and he has NEVER complained about the HOF... I hope one day the voters wake up and put him in......
    I ll be dead and cold before I m green and gold

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    Re: Mick Tingelhoff

    Mick was one of the most understated underrated Greats. I grew up watching him in the center of Minnesota mighty offense....He will always be a true Superhero as were all of those Viking MEN were to me then.
    As opposed to the kids that play the game now.
    PS I hate how the NFL Channel always tries to play up to the Street/ Rap audience with there dumb Rap NFL videos and Rich Eisen talk of Threads and what there stupid and assinine!

    Quit acting like a bunch of Kobe sprewells!

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