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    Micheal Bennet to AZ Cards?????

    "vikes09" wrote:
    i think that the trade would be a great idea and i know bennets good, but come on and think reasonably. a 2nd round pick isnt asking 2 much and a 1st round pick is inking it. but a 2nd round and another player 4 bennet and not hovan or ny1 else is crazy talk :shock: . how would that happen and who is desperate enough 2 do it. :scratch: a striaght up trade doesnt look 2 good either for our sake. i would rather trade bennet and hovan and/ or a low draft pick for a first. we could use it better than a hurt bennet.

    Another great Tice move was not jumping at the miami offer of a 1st round pick for bennett, this last offseason. Imagine what pick we would be getting from them in the 1st round this year. bennett would have hellped them a little, but probably not much, considering he was injured for a good part of the year. I bet we would have still gotten a top 5 pick with that trade. Antrell Rolle would be in our sights if that was the case.

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    Micheal Bennet to AZ Cards?????

    augh. ukeright: dont tell me about it. thats horrible. we wouldve been so set.

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    Micheal Bennet to AZ Cards?????

    "bleedpurple" wrote:
    Meanwhile Bwilliams was getting torched all over the field
    How can you blaim the guy, he's good in coverage for awhile but he lacks top end speed, so sooner or later those fast WR's are gonna pull away. When the D Line gets no pressure what so ever, you ask BWill to play specail teams AND defense, your asking alot. You guys can say what you want but he's a good CB you have to look at the situation he's put in, what they are asking him to do. 200 plays in two games, forced to cover the lions and packers best WR, the D Line getting no pressure for 2 games. Thats good cause for him to have his worst to games of the year.

    They need to get him off the specail teams and get Winfield back.

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