"RandyMoss8404" wrote:
Del, if you reveal any further information about my masturbatory habits, I'm afraid we can't ever touch each other in private again, and I will furthermore withdraw all child support from your [my] son.

Furthermore, my analogy was just meant to highlight that good backs make plays in preseason games - Holmes broke two long runs on us, LT broke one, etc.

Bennett has not.
Are you ready to admit one of the following:
A) we don't have any great backs on our team.
B) our coaches are deliberately holding back our best back and appointing the worst back to run the ball this season.
C) our best back, our only good back is practicing how to perfect the whizinator process instead of playing football this season.

All these choices sound like excuses. The closest answer to truth is probably A and that is why the Coaches will pick who they think will work with the offensive sceme the are trying to achieve.

Sometimes you just gotta say what the F*ck, roll with it, e-ching, darwin and sh*t (all thing Tom Cruise said in some movie or another) and let things evolve. Maybe we don't have a great back and we will have to do the best with what we got. All I know is that there were not many on here last spring saying we should draft a top RB in the draft.