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As with the draft (I had my own 7 round mock/war room ect) I get a little geeky and start looking at roster positions, talent levels, potential FA etc to try to figure out who/what our final roster will look like.
More like obsessive compulsive!
What can I say.

I love the game, wasn't good enough to play anything higher than High School ball and my knees won't let me play with the Flag Football guys in the area.

Now I over analyze everything
wow maddro i thought i was bad, geez.
well one thing you left off aundre allison who i believe makes the team, especially over the likes of hankton and hymes.
he was a steal at round 5 and they are just not gonna let him walk without giving him a legit shot.
as for some of the other positions, rod davis is expendable, we have plenty of good special teams lb's who actually serve as backups as well without having to keep him.
thigpen at qb is probably better served as a practice squad guy.
OL i can see us carrying extra guys cuz that's a position you always need good depth at.
and when you get to the iffy guys you have to figure out how they contribute when it comes to depth and special teams.

DE is a position we might go thin at just cuz you can only get so many on the field week to week.
If they dont serve on special teams you can't be carrying 6 guys active on game day.

the truth is we pretty much know who the fringe guys are that when they get cut we are not gonna be shocked.
i really dont think memo falls in with those guys just cuz of his role on special teams.
now if the preseason starts and we see only rookies returning punts and kickoffs it may mean bye bye to moore, but until then i still think he's an important enough cog for them to keep him around.
I was telling my wife about how Del sits and breaks down game tape after the games.

I didn't know a women could roll her eyes and lift her eyebrows that far

I didn't leave him (allison) off on purpose, just missed him when I cut and pasted from ESPN. Good catch.

ha ha.
yah, i would be weary of even mentioning that to my wife in fear that she would think lower of me than she already does.