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    Mewelde Moore finding his niche

    [size=13pt]Mewelde Moore finding his niche[/size]

    By Eric Krupka on October 11, 2006 12:39 AM

    He's too injury prone.

    He isn't big enough.

    He isn't tough enough.

    He can't carry the load.

    Minnesota Vikings running back Mewelde Moore has heard all the reasons why he isn't the featured back. And while all the detractors' statements may have been true at one point or another, don't let it fool you. The real reason Moore isn't the featured back in Minnesota is because of one person: Chester Taylor.

    Still, the 5-foot-11, 209-pounder is finding his niche as the main backup to Taylor, a third-down back, and as a punt returner.

    Heading into the season, it seemed as if the third-year pro had fallen out of favor with the coaching staff as he entered third on the depth chart. However, it was nothing of the sense. And after an injury to Ciatrick Fason opened up the chance to be the main backup, Moore has yet to relinquish it.

    Believe it or not, the Tulane alumnus may actually have more value in his current role rather than if he was the starting running back. His versatility is very much like the starter, Taylor, except he is a bigger boost to special teams. Both have good hands, vision, and are a threat in the running and passing games.

    Currently, through five games, Moore is averaging 6.3 yards per carry, albeit in limited attempts, and 6.9 yards per reception.

    Oftentimes he will check in on third down and either carry the ball on a draw play, or catch a pass on a check down from quarterback Brad Johnson. Moore's shiftiness and propensity to grind out yards has helped his case to be on the field more.

    Moore's greatest impact is probably on special teams. The first evidence of this can be seen last year when he returned a punt for a touchdown against the New York Giants .

    So far this season, he is averaging 7.1 yards per punt return, down from the 11.7 he averaged in 2005. In just one kickoff attempt, he returned it for 25 yards. Even though he muffed a punt, then turned the ball over, fumbling after picking it up Sunday, the Vikings' second-stringer is making his mark on the team.

    Third-down back.

    Punt returner.

    Whatever it takes to win games.

    Mewelde Moore has finally found his role with the Vikings.

    -Eric Krupka is a senior writer for He responds to readers email daily and can be reached at [email protected]

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    Re: Mewelde Moore finding his niche

    memo only gets the 6.3 avg bc he gets top run on 3rd an 8u or 3rd and 10+, i think he should stay returning punts and maybe run splitbacks on passing situations to get both him and taylor or richardson on the field as 2 checkdown options for bj.... hes not as great as people thinks but he's also not bad

    Thanks josdin00

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