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    Memories of two years ago

    Minnesota went to New Orleans with a 16 game road losing streak. Down 31-24 late in the fourth quarter, Culpepper hit Moss for a score. Most teams would have gone for the PAT and sent the game into overtime. Tice knew he needed to do something desperate to get this team to win on the road and restore some confidence. He had the 2-pt conversion ready and went for it. Daunte fumbled the ball, then scooped it up and ran it in. The Vikings sideline exploded.

    That win sparked the Vikings who beat Miami the next week and then Detroit. They then started the next season 6-0, still riding on that momentum. It was a pivotal win for the Vikings that just may have made a huge difference in how the team did business over the next several months. At least it made for a real good memory!
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    Memories of two years ago

    Maybe we will win 9 straight regular season games if we beat the Saints on Sunday night...

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