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    Re: is it me or.....

    It seems to me that B.Williams has been getting burned of late, how was Smoot, and is he back for good now?
    Lombardis DEAD,
    Favrays OLD, the Packers SUCK,

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    Re: is it me or.....

    Will this unit be as dominant as the Purple People Eaters?, quite possibly. When we grow together this season and the D starts to meld it could be a top 5 D by the end of the year, and only get better as the post season begins. Not quite a number 1 D yet, but potentially..... Gotta Go Get It Defense... skol

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    Re: is it me or.....

    "PhillyVikes" wrote:
    "tosstomoss" wrote:
    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    Most of the problems I've noticed so far are due mostly to poor communication or mental mistakes, both of which will disappear as the season goes on (I hope).
    i agree 100%
    Thats always the problem with the D. Great players, good scheme, bad coaching.
    I like that, its funny! :grin:

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    Re: is it me or.....

    Yeah, I just watched the game and I thought our D looked pretty good. We gave up some 3rd downs that we probably shouldn't have, but we kept them from scoring with the exception of that opening drive, and I think we look pretty dern good.

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