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    Re: McNabb Last Season In Philly? New Vikes QB?

    "mamaluke" wrote:
    Maybe this Booty kid deserves a good looking at this offseason to see what he can offer. God it would be so nice if he can prove to be a potential franchise QB that this team so desperately needs.

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    Re: McNabb Last Season In Philly? New Vikes QB?

    "marstc09" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    "marstc09" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    "marstc09" wrote:
    [quote author=singersp link=topic=49101.msg901236#msg901236 date=1232760675]
    [quote author=marstc09 link=topic=49101.msg900548#msg900548 date=1232635621]
    [quote author=singersp link=topic=49101.msg900488#msg900488 date=1232631233]
    [quote author=Storm link=topic=49101.msg900472#msg900472 date=1232629952]
    Drafting a QB to compete for starting job is out of the question. Go into the season with TJack as our most experienced QB? ??? We NEED an experienced QB.

    As for free agents, I'm still interested to hear who do you all think is a better fit than McNabb. I'm all ears.
    McNabb is not an option. This thread is now moot.
    Says who?
    The Eagles made the point much simpler. In an attempt to end speculation about the future of head coach Andy Reid and QB Donovan McNabb, team president Joe Banner said both Reid and McNabb will be back in 2009.
    That means absolutely nothing. It says nothing about McNabb wanting to be back. McNabb, like Favre, could force the issue.
    So could any good QB in the league. People here are dreaming like they did last year with the McNabb threads.


    McNabbs situation is different from most QBs. I feel he is unhappy in Philly.

    Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?

    Your gut feel pretty much makes it fact.


    I guess I was wrong.


    But in the next sentence:

    McNabb’s contract might need to be restructured for him to be back, though. Under contract through 2010, McNabb has extremely high base salaries of $9.2 million in 2009 and $10 million in 2010.
    That is a hell of alot of cap space to use.

    If they do decide to keep him, then maybe we have a chance at getting Kolb from them.

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