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Thread: McMahon Sucks!!

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    Re: McMahon Sucks!!

    "rjmac" wrote:
    "Braddock" wrote:
    "rjmac" wrote:
    "JellyBean2144" wrote:
    I was wondering why we even pick this cat up in the first place; no offense to McMahon. You gotta think about it for a second. If he could not beat out Joey Harrington for the Lions starting spot, how could he be our #2 QB?

    Once we got him early this year, my first thought was "why?". If Brad goes down and we are left with McMahon....our season is over. I am sure that McMahon is good at #3 or maybe at the four spot, but not #2.
    I am guessing cheap NFL experience insurance in case Michael Vick Jr. does not grasp the O or blow out the knee on one of his nasty Barry Sanders cuts. If TJ continues to improve and stay healthy, BJ better be worried if the team has Daunte flashbacks from last year and loses the first fews games.
    No way Bj will be sent to 2nd string. No way, not even next year. I'm the biggest T-Jack fanboy on this site, but moving BJ down to 2nd string would be the shadiest, dumbest thing to do ever. Let BJ play until he retires. He'll know when his time has come, unlike his compatriot in GB.This way T-Jack keeps learning from a guy who just knows how to win. And it keeps T-Jack healthy, b/c he's not on the field all the time. Now I don't want to bench him like Aaron Rodgers in GB, who never gets to play b/c Favre is just stupid. I can't wait until T-Jack takes over the helm, but pay BJ more and keep him around as long as he wants. He'll know when TJ has surpassed him and he'll know to step down at that point. TJ still has a lot he can learn from BJ, that's for sure.
    I am actually leaning that way myself, in the natural order of things. But if things go bad, ya never know. I don't want it to happen because I am a huge Brad Johnson fan, I was truely bummed when we lost him the first time. He (in my opinion) is one of the best generals in the game.
    So was I, and I agree with the rest of that statement as well.

    I don't know what Childress sees in McMahon, but the man sucks as a QB. Maybe Childress can find him another position to play if he wants to keep him so bad (waterboy, ballboy?)
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    Re: McMahon Sucks!!

    I don't think he'd even be a very good waterboy. Of course, with his ball handling skills , he wouldn't be a very good ballboy either. My vote is for towelboy. He MIGHT be able to handle that!!

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    Re: McMahon Sucks!!

    I was one of the very few who supported McMahon when we first signed him, but after two preseason games, I now believe that he must go.

    I am totally comfortable with Brad starting, Tavaris backing him up and J.T. O'Sullivan (who really hasn't played that bad...look at the stats) sitting on the sidelines as our third QB. If god forbid something happened to BJ this year, we could always bring in a vet mid-season. All I know is that McMahon must go.

    OK...OK, to give him the benefit of the doubt, I'll give him one more game to turn things around, but if everything still looks the same (which I believe it will), see ya Mikey!
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    Re: McMahon Sucks!!

    Yeah i think you gotta give Mcmahon atleast the rest of the preseason to see what he can do(nothing lol) to be fair. But so far im hoping we keep O'Sullivan as the 3rd string and Tjack as 2nd. And cut Mcmahon. But either way its looking likes its gonna be Brad-1, Tarvaris-2, O'sullivan or mcmahon-3.

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    Re: McMahon Sucks!!

    somewhere between training camp retique's and the 2 preseaon games i have come to the conclusion that we have no true #2.

    T.j could become one maybe halfway through the season. but right now he's still too green, and has yet to fuly grasp the game required knowledge to lead this team in the case that something (knocks onlots o wood) happens to B.j.

    as for our roster now. i would be nervous to give a + / - to and J.t Osucks. neither have shown me something that will stand th em above the other. we'll see how B.chill will lead this one in after the next game. maybe just maybe one of the 2 will actually make a better completion record then i would.


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