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    Re:McKinnie Tips Vikings’ Hand

    ThorSPL wrote:
    Didn't Tommy Kramer or Fran Tarkenton used to do something similar to that as a QB?
    Tommy Kramer definitely tipped a few in his day.

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    Re:McKinnie Tips Vikings’ Hand

    VikesFan787 wrote:
    If we lose in the playoffs because of his feet. So help me God...

    lmao, great post... :lol:
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    Re:McKinnie Tips Vikings’ Hand

    Well I haven't seen much of the game from Sunday but if it's true then I'm glad that it's being highlighted. Too many people keep talking him up for being an 'elite' LT when he's been nothing of the sort.
    If someone on the sidelines can see this then I hope that the coaching staff have as well - maybe it was only for the one game that he was doing this or just that previous teams hadn't noticed. Sure thing now that everyone will be watching out for this so he'd best get it corrected and quickly.
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    Re:McKinnie Tips Vikings’ Hand

    The more I think of this, the more I want to raise the "Bullshit" flag.

    I think most people envision some sort of scenario that was protrayed in a movie about one Vince Papale were the lineman feels sorry for him and helps him out with a tell on the OLmens fingers. ....snicker....

    Truth of the matter, its pretty hectic in there just before the ball is snapped. To think that everyone is looking over to see if Big Macs leg is out or in/back or forward is a bit off the mark.

    Think about it for a minute. I wonder what would happen if the Noodle came to the line and only gave one "3-18" instead of the 5 or 6 that he typically does and you were the DE getting caught looking at a guys leg when the ball is quick snapped.

    Long story short, the best way to beat something like this is to:

    a. Don't get so far behind that you are now one dimensional.
    b. Be effective with your base offensive sets.
    c. And for cripes sake, vary the snap counts. Quit trying to be sneaky and give a damn hard count every snap.

    As Mr. A pointed out. This has been happening for awhile. Could it be a contributor? Sure. But significant enough to warrant blaming the loss or AD's production on him, ....... I don't think so.
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    Re:McKinnie Tips Vikings’ Hand

    I don't like this.. Why not point out that AP lines up farther back when we run? There are many many ways that the D-line can get a tell

    Alot of people are blaming Mac for the lose.. BS

    Wasn't Mac's fault that the D couldn't stop the Cards

    Wasn't Mac's fault Brett was forcing throws that game

    Wasn't Mac's fault they got a huge punt return

    Wasn't Mac's fault we couldn't get ANY pressure

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